The insanity of bio-labs

By Richard Blakley

What’s worse than a deranged, senile world leader making comments about “Armageddon,” going beyond U.S. intelligence and poking his finger in the eye of other world powers, provoking conflict?

Well, there is something worse. We have nuts like Dr. Anthony Fauci who believe the “benefits of gain-of-function research outweighed the pandemic risk,” as he stated in a 2012 published paper.

Read the excellently researched article written by retired Lt. Col. James Zumwalt. He should get a Pulitzer Prize because he was, if not the first, certainly among the first to research the China COVID-19 virus, clearly showing that the global pandemic began at a bio-lab in Wuhan, China. The virus did not appear because of consumption of bat meat sold at a fish market that did not sell bat meat. I researched Zumwalt’s article thoroughly and found that not only were his conclusions correct about the lab leak, but also correct in showing U.S. involvement in this insane research. In fact, it was the U.S. that taught the Chinese how to do gene manipulation and partially funded the work, giving $3.7 million to perform experiments on bats. Making changes in the DNA of bat viruses so that humans are more susceptible to them, I think, is criminally insane.

The Wuhan bio-lab opened its BSL-4 facility in 2015. BSL stands for “biosafety level” with 4 being the highest level. Supposedly, this level is “appropriate for work with agents that could easily be aerosol-transmitted within the laboratory and cause severe to fatal disease in humans for which there are no available vaccines or treatments.” Vaccine development would be of benefit, but the Wuhan lab purposefully made viruses more lethal. Why would people in their right mind do that? Regardless, remember that the Wuhan lab opened in 2015, and it was no more that four years later, 2019, that the facility had an apparent “lab leak,” which caused a global pandemic that killed somewhere over 6 million people.

Recent events in Sudan show further insanity. Did you notice that the World Health Organization expressed alarm over a “high risk of biological hazard” after one of the two warring factions in Sudan captured a bio-lab containing deadly viruses? As of April 25, 2023, it was not even clear who captured the bio-lab. “Among the various hazardous materials stored on-site are pathogens that cause measles, polio, and cholera.” From what is stated, there is no indication that this is a BSL-4 bio-lab, but it is certainly bad enough.

After reading about Sudan, I decided to investigate how many of these labs exist. I knew that since 2018 Russia had made claims that there were U.S. financed bio-labs in Ukraine making “biological weapons that would be spread by specially trained migratory birds and diseased bats.” Some of the dangerous pathogens being studied were plague, anthrax, tularemia, cholera, leptospirosis, brucellosis, coronavirus, filoviruses and other deadly diseases.

In March of 2022, “a Chinese ministry spokesman stated that Russia uncovered ’26 bio-labs and other related facilities in Ukraine,’ which the U.S. Department of Defense used ‘to conduct bio-military plans’ and over which it had ‘absolute control.'”

In the U.S. we are told this Ukrainian bio-lab business is Chinese and Russian propaganda, but in June of 2022 the Pentagon stated “that it has operated 46 bio-labs in Ukraine handling dangerous pathogens, after previously dismissing the charges as Russian propaganda.” So, it is 46 bio-labs, not 26 bio-labs as Russia and China had claimed.

So, how many of these labs are there on the planet? I am not sure if anyone really knows. One article states, “Our research identified nearly 60 BSL-4 labs in operation, under construction, or planned in 23 different countries.” It is funny that they actually treat this like some sort of entertaining game where they give you an “interactive map” as to “where the world’s deadliest germs are studied.” Wow! What fun! I think it is terrifying to think that we have 60 “Wuhans” just waiting for a problem.

Surely these are all safe facilities, right? Another article stated that there are 59 BSL-4 labs around the world handling the deadliest pathogens and only 25% score high on safety. So, from this we can calculate that we really only need to worry about 44 “Wuhans” already noted as having safety concerns.

According to a U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) report published in 2007, there are 1,356 BSL-3 facilities throughout the United States. Frighteningly, 36% of these are in academia. I doubt there is good security around those. In addition, there were 15 BSL-4 facilities in the U.S. including nine at federal labs, like Fort Detrick. There is a good list of bio-labs, their capability and location at this link.

A Chinese article states that there are 336 U.S. bio-labs worldwide. The article doesn’t state the level of the labs. The article also claims that for four decades the U.S. has “tried to prevent the Biological Weapons Convention from establishing a checking mechanism.” Furthermore, the article claims that out of 182 signatures, the U.S. is the only one that pulled out of negotiations for such a mechanism in 2001. Furthermore, the article states that other world leaders are concerned as to the reason that the U.S. would want to protect the secrets of its bio-labs.

Whether it is 336 bio-labs or just one bio-lab doing insane research, it’s clearly too many. If we have 44 “Wuhans” waiting to erupt, we no longer need to worry about someone dropping a nuclear bomb, for it is more likely that someone is going to drop a test tube.

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