New Mexico mass shooting kills multiple civilians in front of church

By Joe Kovacs

(Video screenshot)
(Video screenshot)

A mass shooting in front of a church in Farmington, New Mexico, on Monday has reportedly left at least three civilians dead and two police officers hospitalized.

Alex Caprariello of NewsNation tweeted: “Reports of an active shooter and multiple people dead in front of a church in Farmington, New Mexico. Unconfirmed dispatch audio reporting three dead and an officer down. EMS dispatch reports more than 50 shots fired.”

Intel Point Alert noted: “At least 3 dead, several more injured following mass shooting at First Presbyterian Church in Farmington, New Mexico; shooter down with CPR in progress.”

Police say officers shot and killed the alleged gunman.

The New York Post reported: “The shooting took place in a residential part of the town, which was placed in lockdown along with several nearby churches.”

According to NBC News:

Judith McIntosh, 77, told NBC News on Monday afternoon she was driving home from the grocery store with a friend when she saw a woman laying on the street. She thought it was odd, but continued driving. Moments later, while by a church near her home, three to five gunshots rang out.

McIntosh said she then saw at least one person laying on the grass on the church’s property.

“We saw the first older lady in the street and thought she had been hit by a car,” McIntosh said. “And then we went a little bit further, by the church, and heard the gunshots. … And then we saw other people that were on the ground, and thought, ‘Oh my God. What’s going on? What’s happening?’ People are getting killed.”

She added, “I’m still very upset.”

Local schools were placed on lockdown, but those lockdowns have now been lifted, according to the Farmington Municipal Schools Facebook page:

“1:05PM UPDATE: The Farmington Police Department has notified us that all preventative lockdowns can now be lifted. All students will be released. Busses will pick up students and drop them off following their normal runs.”

Police added: “At this time we don’t believe there is a second suspect. All lockdowns have been lifted.”

There are “multiple civilian victims” of the shooting, according to police, but officials did not have immediate details about their conditions.

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The two injured officers are from the Farmington Police Department and the New Mexico State Police, and both were listed in stable condition at the San Juan Regional Medical Center.

Officials said the suspect’s identity was not yet known.

Megan Mitchell at the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office called the incident “an open and active ongoing investigation,” and federal agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were headed to the scene.

“I am deeply upset by the tragic violence that unfolded today in Farmington,” said Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham.

“I am praying for the families of the victims, the wounded and the entire community of Farmington following this horrific tragedy.

“I’m also grateful for the quick response by law enforcement. My administration will not stop fighting the epidemic of gun violence from every angle possible.”

The Associated Press noted, “Farmington is a city of nearly 50,000 residents in northwestern New Mexico, near the Four Corners region. It serves a modern-day trading post to the adjacent Navajo Nation and is a supply line and bedroom community to the region’s oil and natural gas industry.”

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