Not funny: Comedy club cancels woman who believes in biological sex

By Bob Unruh

A comedy club has issued an apology, “publicly and unreservedly,” in order to avoid a court action over its decision to discriminate against a woman based on her beliefs about gender identity.

A report from the Christian Institute in the United Kingdom identified the business as the Stand Comedy Club.

It admitted its decision to cancel a show scheduled by Joanna Cherry KC MP, over “her belief in the reality of biological sex,” was wrong.

“We now publicly and unreservedly apologize to Ms. Cherry,” the club said.

The club confessed that its decision to cancel “In Conversation with Joanna Cherry,” which had been on its schedule, was “unfair.” It reinstated the show to the schedule.

The change of attitude apparently was prompted by a legal opinion for the Edinburgh South West member. Aidan O’Neill, KC, found the company unlawfully discriminated against Cherry over her views on gender identity.

That, the opinion found, violated the Equality Act 2010.

“I’m being prevented from talking about these things and others in my home city where I’m an elected politician,” Cherry said.

“Small groups of activists are now dictating who can speak and what can be discussed.”

A legal action was being prepared when the club suddenly reversed course.

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It was just weeks ago that the club told Cherry her booking was “unable to proceed” because staff members felt “threatened.” They, in fact, insisted they were “unwilling to work” because of the politician’s beliefs.

Cherry’s views, in fact, were that somebody’s sex is unchangeable, representing what has been considered mainstream beliefs for thousands of years.

O’Neill charged The Stand’s decision to destroy Cherry’s plan was made “expressly under reference to beliefs which are attributed to Ms. Cherry concerning the issue of ‘gender identity.'”

The club claimed it was trying to avoid people being offended, but O’Neill explained that no law “guarantees any right not to be confronted with opinions that are opposed to one’s own convictions.”

He cited court precedents established in recent months by cases brought by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, which went to court after its scheduled meetings were canceled by multiple U.K. venues.

In fact, in 2021, Blackpool Council paid out 100,000 pounds for discrimination against Christians, and in 2022 BGEA was awarded damages when Glasgow’s OVO Hydro was found to be in breach of contract and guilty of discrimination.

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