The RINO Bush-DeSantis strategy for defeating Trump

By Scott Lively

It is now apparent to conservative observers that the RINO Bush political machine is the 800-pound gorilla behind the MAGA-splitting Ron DeSantis presidential campaign (to his shame and likely permanent political harm). But knowing that gives us insight into the anti-Trump strategy they will follow. In short, drawing upon the full depth and breadth of their dynastic power structure, the Bushies will pose as the “authentic” Red Team and try to shift the Christian vote to DeSantis on the argument that he is the only “authentic” moral champion in the race.

They will do this by pandering shamelessly to Christian conservatives on sexual morality issues while their Dem allies on the Blue Team will relentlessly pound Trump in the courts and media as a serial philanderer and consort of prostitutes. President Trump clearly sees their game plan taking shape, as evidenced by his first campaign nickname for Ron: “DeSanctimonious.”

This social-issues strategy is a Bush favorite and will (they hope) serve the dual purpose of “dumping Trump” and of weakening and neutralizing the MAGA movement (just as the same RINO players did to the Tea Party movement during the Obama years), restoring the Uniparty’s stranglehold on the GOP. A third purpose is to further compromise and co-opt American Christendom, already greatly diminished by Plandemic lockdowns specially enforced against Christian congregations while socially comparable secular venues were audaciously exempted as “necessary.”

Don’t get me wrong, I would dearly love the GOP to return to the platform of biblical morality as the guide to American society, and if I thought that this campaign were truly genuine and would last beyond the 2024 Republican primary, I might be tempted to vote DeSantis myself. BUT, I know from experience that the Bush team has always been staffed by moral reprobates who specialize in manipulating gullible Christians, who in turn have always deferred to them on political matters so as not to get their own hands dirty in the political arena. Indeed, one of the things that most enraged the Bushies was Trump’s follow-through on the alleged GOP priority of ending abortion. Election after election the RINOs had a guaranteed lock on the Catholic and pro-life Protestant vote so long as they held out even the faintest of hopes for eventually overturning Roe v. Wade. Then Trump killed the golden goose, via his Supreme Court picks, by actually doing it!

The Bushies pretended to be pro-family as well. Their man Mitt Romney was the poster-boy for their duplicity on LGBT issues, trading on public perceptions about his (nominal) Mormonism regarding family matters while helping the left make Massachusetts the first “gay marriage” state while he was governor. He unquestionably had the right to use the power of the executive branch to challenge the state judiciary’s invention of “gay marriage” by judicial fiat, but Romney not only let the bogus court ruling stand as “settled law,” it was plausibly alleged later that he had specifically promised as much to the “gays” in advance.

Then there was the case of President George W. Bush himself, who set up his “Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives” (OFBCI) at home while pushing “gay marriage” around the world through his State Department. I know, because I and the late great Pastor Ken Hutcherson (NFL star and famous friend of Rush Limbaugh) personally confronted the staff of the U.S. Embassy in Riga, Latvia, for literally orchestrating the 2007 “Gay Pride” parade against the overwhelming opposition of the populace. The Bush White House responded by pulling Hutch’s credentials as an OFBCI ambassador.

Lest anyone think this wolf-in-sheeps’-clothing modus operandi was a thing of the past, remember that the nastiest anti-Trump operation of the 2020 election coup was run by The Lincoln Project – a coven of the most perverted (and powerful) members of the Bush administration “alumni,” trading heavily on the supposedly conservative Bush legacy. These included John McCain Chief of Staff Steve Schmidt who followed McCain’s intentional loss to Obama in 2008 with a stint pushing “gay marriage” in the GOP as a paid agent of the ACLU. I strongly urge you to read my July 2021 article regarding The Lincoln Project.

The Bush Team involvement in the DeSantis campaign guarantees that the impending civil war among the Republicans will necessarily be reflected in the American Christian church, which has unfortunately polarized across the same cultural fault lines as the GOP. Indeed, the church will be THE primary battleground where this war will rage – during the GOP primary season. However, after the primary, should Ron DeSantis win, his team will shift him so fast to the “center” it will make your head spin, because the morality play unfolding here is nothing but theater following a script written specifically for the MAGA-leaning Christians.

After 30 years of front-line pro-family activism and an eyes-wide-open real-time analysis of the Marxist takedown of America over the past decade, I think our Republic is dead, awaiting only the burial. For me the culture war has moved from the streets to the pews, where there still may be time for a revival of true Christianity to rise up and kick over the rainbow bedecked tables of the “money changers.” This time, though, the currency in trade is social credit points, and the sacrificial lambs are the spiritually estranged children of the congregation being willingly mutilated on the altar of sexual freedom. (The “perilous times” of 2 Timothy 3 and Romans 1 are upon us.)

If I’m wrong and there remains a hope for a restored America, it can only happen at this point through Christian revival, and so the focus, even of the non-spiritual MAGA millions, should be on rescuing the church from the clutches of the Bush Dynasty and all its “sanctimonious” false prophets like Romney and Ryan and Cheney and, most especially, Mike Pence, who cynically equates RINO Republicanism with social righteousness to oh so many gullible church members.

Again, I was there in the 1980s when the church initially merged with the GOP under Ronald Reagan, and Christian giants like James Dobson, D. James Kennedy, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson drew tens of millions of Christians out of the churches into the voting booths. We had a national quasi-revival in those days (1983 was the Year of the Bible), and I rode that wave into a career trying first to preserve the revival and then to recapture it. It was George H.W. Bush who followed Reagan with RINOism, then took a dive to Bill Clinton intentionally, I believe, setting the pattern for Bob Dole, McCain and Romney. “W” refreshed the Bush brand after two Clinton terms, then turned the country back over to the blue wing of the Uniparty.

Ron DeSantis is the new patsy, coming in to pinch-hit for the Red Team against Trump and then to take his own dive to Newsom, or whatever other figurehead the Uniparty wants. Only Trump, with all his warts and wrinkles, can end this cycle once and for all. And so he has my vote, and that of every Christian I can keep from falling into the dangerously alluring snare being set in the church by the Bushies.

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