Teacher in court after being fired for working to protect student being pushed to ‘trans’

By Bob Unruh

A Christian primary school teacher has gone to court after being dismissed for fulfilling a legal obligation – to try to protect a student that was being indoctrinated by advocates for the transgender ideology.

According to the Christian Legal Center, the teacher, identified only as “Hannah,” cited the various whistleblowing procedures of the school and the local council in warning that the instructions being given to “Child X” were not based on medical evidence and in fact, violated various safeguarding procedures by putting the child’s health and welfare at risk.

The fight erupted when Stonewall and Mermaids, a couple of LGBT advocacy groups, were reaching out with instructions for a “gender transition” for an 8-year-old girl.

The report from the Christian Legal Center said Hannah relied on multiple expert reports from scientists and doctors that addressed the dangers of pushing children to a “gender transition.”

When her concerns were ignored by officials, she brought a claim for judicial review.

The school responded by dismissing her, claiming it was a criminal offense for her to share school information, a charge the Information Commissioner already has dismissed.

But the school also reported Hannah to the Teaching Regulation Agency, which is investigating.

The teacher’s claim now pending before an Employment Tribunal accuses the school of retaliating against her for whistleblowing and religious discrimination.

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The case charges she was dismissed and reported to regulators because she discussed the school’s practice “which endangered the child’s safety, health and welfare.”

The case is being heard just as a report from the Policy Exchange revealed a “disturbing” trend of pushing extreme transgender ideologies onto students.

That document explained, “Safeguarding principles are being routinely disregarded in many secondary schools, which are neglecting their safeguarding responsibilities in favor of a set of contested beliefs in a way that risk jeopardizing child wellbeing and safety.”

Hannah explained simply she was obligated to raise concerns about the treatment for Child X because requirements that she utilize safeguarding procedures in the case.

“It is because I care so much about children that I am taking this action. This isn’t about me simply trying to prove that I am right, but about the safety of a seriously distressed child,” she explained.

Andrea Williams, chief of the Christian Legal Center, said, “Society has lost its moral compass. How did we ever decide that it would be helpful for children to be taught that they might be born in the wrong body? How is it helpful for distressed children to encourage them down a path of ‘changing gender’ with all the associated medical intervention?”

Prompting the problem was the adoption by her school of new and “extreme” measures to affirm gender ideology to children.

The teacher was ordered to treat an 8-year-old girl as a boy and that she be allowed to use toilets and changing room facilities for boys.

That, in fact, violated government guidance, however.

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