Title 42 ends in days – get ready to witness the fall of Saigon

By Wayne Allyn Root

Our nation is in grave danger. If you thought the invasion of Ukraine was bad, wait until May 11, when the full-scale invasion of America begins.

As many as 1 million foreigners have amassed on our southern border, ready to invade the moment Title 42 ends on May 11. Tens of millions more will soon follow.

Our nation is under attack. Our nation is under invasion. Our nation and economy are in danger of collapse. Your family is in grave danger. America will never recover.

How did this happen? Why is there a virtual media blackout?

If Russia or China were at our southern border with 1 million troops ready to attack on May 11, wouldn’t you be scared to death? Wouldn’t you expect the media to report on it?

Well, we are being attacked by an army of a million foreign invaders – made up of illegal aliens, criminals released from prisons all over the world, drug traffickers, terrorists and even thousands of Chinese military-age males.

Is anyone asking why Chinese military-age males are here? How did they get out of compulsory military service in China? How did they get here? Who paid for this long, expensive journey? Why would China pay for them to mass at our border? Are these spies? Is this a stealth Chinese invasion of America?

May 11 is just days away. Yet no one seems too concerned. The media are covering it up like it’s a rigged election, or proof of corruption on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Here is the story of how and why President Joe Biden scammed the nation, the GOP and the Supreme Court.

Title 42 was implemented by former President Donald Trump as part of the federal Public Health Emergency (PHE) for COVID-19 under section 319 of the Public Health Service Act (PHS). Title 42 gave border patrol agents the right to expel migrants trying to enter this country illegally. They had to go back to their home country or wait in Mexico.

This kept America safe. This kept you and your family safe. This kept our country from being overrun.

But Biden wanted to lift Title 42 and wave the entire world in.

The only thing standing in his way was the Supreme Court. They accepted the case. Republicans control the Supreme Court 6-3. They would have undoubtedly upheld the legality of Title 42. Biden’s plans to open the borders and wave the whole world in would have been halted.

This is where the scam comes in.

Biden is a typical socialist/Marxist/communist tyrant. Biden believes he has the right to control every aspect of our lives.

He wants to silence all dissent. He sends FBI SWAT teams to arrest peaceful Jan. 6 protesters. His attorney general wanted to arrest parents at PTA meetings. He wants to arrest his political opponents (like Trump). He wants to expand the Supreme Court from 9 to 13 justices so he can violate the Constitution any time he wants. He tried to force-vaccinate the entire U.S. population. And trust me, he is dying to force lockdown all of us for either another pandemic, or a climate change lockdown.

So, think about this question. Why would a tyrant who craves total control willingly give up his tyrannical emergency powers?

That’s the scam.

Tyrants never give up their emergency powers. But this time Biden did. By letting the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency expire on May 11, it automatically ended Title 42. Which automatically killed the case in front of the Supreme Court. Which automatically allowed the invasion of America on May 11.

And no one said a word about the scam Biden pulled. Not the GOP Congress. Not the RNC. Not the Supreme Court. Not one law enforcement official in America. Not the media. Total silence.

D-Day is here. On Thursday, May 11, America officially becomes a third-world craphole. On that day, Biden will wave the whole world in. That day will start the process of making America foreign to Americans. You will never recognize this country again. And this enormous bill for tens of millions of foreign invaders will fall on you: the American taxpayer.

All because we let a communist tyrant rig and steal the 2020 election, then proceed to methodically destroy the economy with the worst inflation in history and open the borders with a world-class scam.

Why would anyone do this? Is anyone mentioning who benefits most from this insane decision? The Mexican drug cartels. Isn’t it clear that the same Biden crime family that took bribes from Ukraine and China has sold the country out to bloodthirsty drug traffickers?

This is the worst corruption in the history of America. Biden and Democrats have sold out the country. This is dereliction of duty, failure to execute the laws of the United States, failure to protect American citizens from foreign invasion, violation of oath of office, bribery and extortion, mixed with treason.

All hell breaks loose in a few days. And what are we doing about it? As far as I can tell, nothing.

The scenes we are all about to witness will shock and horrify the nation. You won’t believe your eyes. You’re about to see mass chaos and anarchy on American soil.

Do you remember what “The Fall of Saigon” looked like? We’re all about to experience it.


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