Biden hypocrisy on display with LSU women’s basketball team

By Lt. Col. James Zumwalt

A most telling inquiry – provided at this article’s end – needs to be put to President Joe Biden about his transgender policies. But first, let us examine what was revealing about the comments he made while honoring the LSU women’s basketball team last month for winning the national title.

LSU took the title on April 2 by defeating Iowa, 102-85, in the highest-scoring game in the title’s history. On May 26, Biden welcomed the team at the White House. In the nine minutes he spoke, three outrageous hypocritical observations were revealed.

The first came to light visually as Biden spoke. With the LSU players and coaches standing behind him as he praised their impressive 34-2 record and title accomplishment, it became clear there were far more blacks than whites on the team. The question immediately came to mind whether this team, with such a heavy composition of black players, was formed as the result of individual player performance or as the result of the “diversity, equity and inclusion” (DEI) policy Biden promotes.

As DEI suggests, priority is given to its three factors and is noticeably silent about merit. It is doubtful the LSU coaches – had they been asked their top priority in selecting their starting five players – considered anything other than individual performance. After all, a coach’s job – and salary – turns on success. Unlike Biden, whose DEI policy ignores merit, winning drives sports, and the reality is that, one-on-one, blacks are better players in major sports than are their white counterparts over whom they are selected. The fact that approximately 75% of NBA and NFL players are black supports this.

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There should be no doubt that LSU’s coaches did a tremendous job of fielding an extremely talented team, for which they deserve praise regardless of its failure to reflect a makeup more reflective of the diversity of our national population. This team was merit-based – but if that, rather than DEI, is acceptable to drive sports, the same standard should be acceptable in all other areas as well. Thus, Biden was hypocritically honoring a team that basically decided, “DEI be damned; full speed ahead with merit.”

The second example of Biden’s hypocrisy was his praise for advances made in women’s sports. He noted how women have progressed over the past half century under Title IX. That legislation mandated schools receiving federal funding needed to provide similar opportunities for women’s sports that are provided for men’s sports.

Biden boasted that today, 58% of college students are female, providing them with sports opportunities equal to those of men. He lamented, however, that, “In the media, 95% of sports stories are still about men,” adding there is still much progress to make for women. He hypocritically says this while implementing policies that end such opportunities for biological women prematurely as they suffer defeat at the hands of transgender females who bear the advantage of competing against them with a biological male’s body.

The physical differences between a biological woman and a biological man are obvious. Will the fastest female mile runner ever run faster than the fastest male mile runner? No. Will the world record weightlifting record achieved by a woman ever exceed that achieved by a biological male? No. Males have physical advantages in both these competitive arenas that, all else being equal, will always limit women to finishing second best. Why, then, undercut Title IX by placing such a transgender barrier in front of biological female student athletes?

If Biden seeks true fairness so that student athletes – whether biological male, biological female, transgender male or transgender female, and the argument contrary to science is accepted that four genders therefore exist – are in no way disadvantaged in competition, there is only one way to achieve this. He needs to promote separate competitions for four separate genders. Only by acknowledging a four-gender approach to sporting competition can a truly level playing field for all be achieved. Anything else is unfair.

But it is Biden’s third hypocritical comment that is the most insensitive. It callously denies an innocent 4-year-old girl acceptance by her family absolutely due to no fault of her own.

In his comments to the LSU players, Biden touted the opportunities his “four granddaughters” now have to pursue women’s sports. As he has done in the past, he purposefully refuses to accept Hunter Biden’s illegitimate child as his fifth granddaughter, despite the fact Hunter’s paternity has been established. I know of no grandfather who flagrantly denies the birth of a grandchild. It is despicable Biden would punish this child while hypocritically failing to punish Hunter for his numerous transgressions that would put the seven deadly sins to shame.

For those who understand the true impact Biden is having on our society, his tribute to the LSU women’s basketball team is a left-handed compliment. The achievements of future female student athletes will be cut short by his ridiculous transgender policies.

So what is the question that needs to be put to Biden to determine how committed he really is to these transgender policies? He should be queried as follow: “Mr. President, you have often demonstrated a fetish for sniffing women’s hair, touching them, placing your hands around their waists as well as other inappropriate behavior. Would you have any discomfort in doing this if the woman in front of you were transgender?”

While Biden is well-known for having a fetish for lying as well, he would undoubtedly respond in the negative. However, perhaps merely by asking the question, it might at least give him pause to consider the discomfort biological women suffer when transgender women enter into their facilities.

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