Bidens & Clintons should be indicted – but don’t hold your breath

By Mychal Massie

Of the many things that disgust me about Democrats, the one thing I find most contemptible is the shameless sincerity with which they lie. It’s as if they believe all they need do is tell one lie after another and the public will immediately suspend all common sense and remembrance of their dishonesty. With the able-bodied loyal-lapdog assistance of the apparatchiks in the media, it’s easier to catch and hold greased pigs than any of them. Pun intended.

I argue that liberal Democrats are the most depraved forms of humanity. Personally, I would rather have the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) living next door to me than I would a Democrat. At least the KKK member would be honest. I would always know where I stood with him.

Take the Clintons. There are few greater examples of duplicitous double standards as it pertains to criminality on a global scale than the Clintons. And yet they still walk free amongst us, lauded as worthy of honor.

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Dinesh D’Souza explains thoroughly how the Clinton Foundation has been rich off of poor Haitians.” D’Souza brings up the fact that many Haitians surrounded the Clinton Foundation office in New York City on several occasions. They wanted to know why none of the promises were being kept and why nothing was improving in their native land. Things like new roads, hospitals, houses and schools were promised as part of relief efforts.

But they never came.

Initially, nearly $4 billion from the United States were supposed to go toward Haiti’s relief efforts. Bill Clinton was the United Nations representative for aid in Haiti while Hillary was the secretary of state – meaning the Clintons controlled the flow of money to Haiti more than anyone else. Unfortunately for Haiti victims who put their trust in the U.S., they never got the aid they expected. Only 10% of donations from the Clinton Foundation actually go toward charity, and only 1% of what was intended to go to Haiti arrived, reports the Atlanta Black Star.

Nothing has been done to hold the Clintons accountable for their easily proved criminal actions. Hillary claims she is innocent regardless of the facts presented by the Haitian government, and her claim is the only thing needed to avoid being brought to justice.

The Obama woman is indefensibly uncouth and hideously unattractive, but her reported to be backseat-limousine-and-Chicago-bathhouse homosexual husband is responsible for the murder of more of his so-called own people than late Ugandan sociopath president Idi Amin Dada, aka the “Butcher of Uganda.”

It’s believed that Amin was responsible for killing of some 300,000 of his people during his presidency, which office he held from 1971-1979. Obama bests that record by supporting, funding and even invoking God’s praise and worthiness upon Planned Parenthood – the organization responsible for industrialized extermination of some 20 million babies who are referenced as “black.” In fact, Obama more than doubled the number of his own people slaughtered in a two-year period over the number Amin slaughtered in eight years.

Compared to Amin’s 300,000 murdered, from 2013-2014, with Obama’s support and encouragement, 652,000 baby humans were murdered, nearly all by the hands of Planned Parenthood.

With Obama’s full support and praise, approximately 5.3 million of his own melanin-recognized people, were murdered, most by Planned Parenthood, but also other baby-killing clinics, etc. He was a hero for his role in the killing of millions of so-called black children. But, if the likes of a George Floyd is justifiably killed in one year, we’re supposed to believe it’s an epidemic of police officers out to kill these poor folks.

Let there be no question; the Biden crime family syndicate is more corrupt than the Kennedy clan.

The abundance of evidence against Biden and his maniacally sex-crazed son, Hunter, is more than sufficient to warrant indictment. But, don’t hold your breath waiting for it. Instead dishonest liberal fact-checkers manufacture a ridiculous reason for the accusations being false or the “mostly untrue” response the liberal jackals frequently use.

In every case of wrongdoing, then, the Democrats are a variant case of extreme encopresis when it comes to nothing sticking to them.

The Obama-Clinton-Holder illegal gunrunning case on the Mexico border was one of the most spectacular illegal operations since the bootlegging operations that netted that at one time made the Kennedys the 15th riches family in America.

These are the kind of people George Soros-sponsored prosecutor Alvin Bragg refuses to prosecute and hold responsible for real crimes. These are the people whose tax records Pelosi and company do not want to see.

Of course, liberal congressional Democrats can count upon their mainstream media lapdogs to create volumes of agitprop as a manure spread to cover over Biden’s negligence at the border and his refusal to finish the border wall.

But then, this has been the way of Democrats since their inception. Truly, they are the quintessential proof that Satan exists and has children.

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