Can you hear God laughing?

By Craige McMillan

“Why do the nations assemble with commotion [uproar and confusion of voices], and why do the people imagine (meditate upon and devise) an empty scheme?” (Psalm 2:1 Amplified Classic)

If you ever thought that every day is a good day to be a lime-lighted billionaire, world-dominating mighty man, corporate titan, or man of steel, then you might be viewing the performance from the wrong position. It may look great where you are bowing before Mr. Grandeur, being taken into special deals where you get to lick the crumbs from his table, like his other friends.

But like the grand old operas, the final act is not over until the fat lady sings! You may hear her discretely warming up her voice in the ladies’ room, but she always holds back for her consummate performance when she wraps up the final act.

Perhaps God is also fond of the fat lady and the final act of the opera. His hearty laughter that shakes the heavens signals not only the end of the operatic act, but His clandestine victory over those who would hijack His Creation, claiming it as their own, and neglecting their proper posture in His presence.

Billionaires are perhaps more susceptible to grand plans, because they have an income stream and time on their hands. But that is no excuse for trying to steal something you didn’t make, as in human DNA. Neither did it arise by accident. Someone greater than you made it.

Those who have challenged God for control of his Creation, even the DNA of humanity, are now awaiting the end of the final act that they cannot control – not even their own part. They thought that they were gods, and that the Almighty had anointed them to rule over His creation. They will not make that mistake again.

One wonders, for instance, what the world would have looked like had the billionaires billions been spent through the hands of a Mother Theresa and her lifetime of devotion to children who had no other options in life? Does God honor selfless choices, over the choices that benefit only ourselves first? The world’s billionaires have had a unique opportunity to find out, but they squandered it.

We are all poorer for their failure to go where few men have gone before on such a dramatic scale. It’s easy for us to call them out, but each of us has been given specific gifts from God. We have to decide if we are going to use those gifts for our own benefit, or the benefit of His Kingdom. God can find us regardless of where we have hidden from him, but can He find us amidst the cares and concerns of our own lives as we walk among the gilded egos in this age?

For all of God’s power and majesty, He seems predisposed to work with us to achieve His will on this earth. Perhaps He wants us to treat that as an invitation to join Him, rather than having us sitting on the sidelines, where we wonder, “When is God going to do something?” is home of the Armageddon Story novel series. Vol IV Earth’s Final Kingdom

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