The hole story of the Green New Deal

By Richard Blakley

The Green New Deal is full of holes, with AOC leading the charge to fall into them.

The New York congresswoman plans to drastically “cut carbon emissions across the economy from electricity generation to transportation to agriculture,” to “create jobs” and “boost the economy.” Revealing the truth, her chief of staff stated the Green New Deal “wasn’t originally a climate thing at all,” rather, “we really think of it as how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing,” “moving the U.S. economy entirely away from fossil fuels within 10 years, while simultaneously providing federal jobs and health care guarantee,” advancing “social, economic, racial, regional and gender-based justice and equality and cooperative – and public ownership.”

So, the Green New Deal is simply a Marxist-Leninist plan to destroy the U.S. economy and transform America into a full-fledged socialist nation costing $93 trillion in new government spending over a decade, while 2022 U.S. GDP was only $25 trillion.

When first elected AOC didn’t know the three branches of government, but proved her qualifications by speaking propaganda and leading people to fall into holes. Of what holes am I speaking? The first three we need to examine are the size of 307, 267 and 900 football fields, respectively. These humongous holes are located at the Bayan Obo mine in China, which is the world’s biggest rare earth element (REE) mine. REEs are used in everything from iPhones to EVs to LED lights to wind turbines. The low abundance REEs in the earth’s soil are fundamentally necessary for all “green new energy.”

The waste-to-yield ratio in mining REEs is 2000:1, which is 13 times more than mining copper. Each EV auto battery involves digging up 500,000 pounds of the earth’s crust.

One of the mining chemicals used for REEs is hydrofluoric acid, which goes though skin and dissolves the bone. According to the Chinese Society of Rare Earth’s, 3,140,000 gallons of waste gas is released for every ton of metals mined, consisting of dust concentrate, hydrofluoric acid, sulfur dioxide (a deadly gas) and extremely corrosive sulfuric acid. Mining also generates 19,400 gallons of acidic wastewater, plus a ton of radioactive waste. So, ignoring the rest, mining every ton of REEs, generates a ton of radioactive sludge.

Since a 2 megawatt wind turbine contains 930 pounds of REEs, when the U.S. added 13,131 MW of wind-generating capacity, 6.1 million pounds of radioactive waste was generated. In the same year the nuclear industry produced 5 million pounds of spent fuel. America’s nuclear industry provides 8% of America’s power, while wind energy only produces 3.24%. Therefore, in that year wind energy created 22% more radioactive waste than nuclear power, but produced only 40% of the amount of power, and yet they tell us wind energy is cleaner.

Waste-to-yield ratio is not the only concern. China is responsible for mining and refining 85-95% of the world’s REEs with a horrendous environmental record. A reporter seeing the Baotou mines described the findings as “truly haunting.” Local residents stated that as the mountain of waste grew, the plants withered, died, then nothing would grow. Animals died, infants died, and the adults got sick. People’s teeth grew too long and fell out (fluorosis disease). Young people’s hair turned white. “Children were born with soft bones, and cancer rates rocketed.”

Studies show rates of cancer, osteoporosis, skin and respiratory diseases are unusually high in villages near the mines, with seeping sludge lakes showing 10 times more radiation than the surrounding countryside. Bayan Obo’s sludge lake containing 70,000 tons of radioactive thorium is moving at a pace of 20-30 meters per year heading for China’s Yellow River, which is a major source of drinking water.

We have only talked about one mine. There are four of these mines in China, two in Russia, one in America, Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, India, Burundi, Madagascar, Australia and Brazil. All face the same problems. China does the bulk of all refining for everyone.

Some people have said we need to mine the ocean for REEs, but imagine trying to contain the radioactive waste in that environment. Others have said that the way to fix this is with a pollution tax, but I am not sure how that fixes anything.

Needs for REEs is going to increase, as electric cars require six times more REEs than conventional cars, and wind plants require nine times more than gas-fired plants. Demand for REEs will increase six times by 2040, with cobalt and lithium needs increasing 10 to 20 time by 2050, and those of dysprosium and neodymium increasing seven to 26 times over the next 25 years. So as mining and refining continue, communities will suffer as contaminates build.

China is expanding into Africa aided by the Biden family. In 2016, while Biden was still vice president, Hunter Biden helped China purchase an American mining company in the Congo, as Biden supposedly “protects U.S. sources of REEs.” It is stated, “Chinese miners have been accused of worsening what were already low labor and environmental standards.” This mine employees 40,000 children for a dollar a day, most of whom suffer from chemical-induced health issues.

China’s dominance over REE mining and refining allows them to exercise leverage over REE supply; therefore, it’s not surprising Biden would let a Chinese spy balloon fly over America, as Biden needs REEs for the Green New Deal.

When AOC speaks her “save the planet” propaganda, having socialism as her goal, perhaps we should remember Winston Churchill saying, “Socialism is the philosophy of failure,” and, “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

With all of the environmental problems with AOC’s Green New Deal, when she speaks, she only proves that she leading people to fall into a hole. So as the Green New Deal tries to turn the U.S. into a socialized hellhole, maybe we can cover the humongous ground holes with humongous green tarps so that from space we can clearly see the spots where they have “greened” our planet.

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