The horrific hidden ‘T’ behind transgenderism

By Scott Lively

For about a decade I have been a part of the growing chorus of voices warning about “transhumanism” – a phenomenon that in worldly terms is defined by the technological advancement of the interrelated, mutually force-multiplying sciences of genetic engineering, robotics and artificial intelligence. In spiritual terms, it represents the prophesied last-days rebellion of mankind against our Creator God as we humans attempt, like gods, to create a “better” version of ourselves as if His creative powers are inferior to ours and He inferior to us (the Luciferian delusion of Isaiah 14:12-14, reflected also in the Serpent’s beguilement of Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:1-5 and God’s response in 3:22-24).

I have been alone in linking transhumanism directly to the LGBT movement, contending that the LGBT agenda represents not just a coalition of sexual dysfunctions but a chronology of stages in the deconstruction of God’s created order (from the tips of the branches toward its roots), and that “transhumanism” represents a hidden “T” contained within “transgenderism” in the LGBT acronym.

Transgenderism is the penultimate stage of deconstruction of the civilization God made for us – erasing the human recognition that we are created male and female in His image (Genesis 1:27).

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Transhumanism is the final stage – eliminating through genetic modification God’s wall of separation between humans and animals as distinct “kinds” (Genesis 1:11-25). Transhumanists perceive themselves as wiping the earth clean of God’s “mistakes,” restoring the blank canvas of Genesis 1:6-10 and creating their own perfected utopia in which they are immortal.

This is not hyperbole but an actual plan currently being pursued by the World Economic Forum’s Yuval Noah Harari (whom I have labeled the best candidate for the end-times False Prophet I’ve seen in my lifetime). Significantly, Harari is an admitted homosexual in a counterfeit “marriage” to another man.

The so-called culture war has always been at its essence a Marxist assault on Judeo-Christian civilization. Upon the foundation of Darwinism, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels built a framework for a comprehensive atheistic alternative to the biblical worldview in which a theology of human self-perfectibility replaces the plan of God, and an eventual human-created socialist utopia substitutes for the thousand-year Peaceable Kingdom of Christ on the throne of David (Revelation 20:4-6). Convinced that social evolution makes these things inevitable, and that they alone have clear foresight of the end result, Marxists believe they can speed the process by destroying the existing civilization through revolution and building their utopia on the ashes.

God’s plan for civilization rests upon monogamous heterosexual marriage and the natural family, protected by the active societal discouragement of all sexual conduct outside of marriage. Thus, the “culture war” has been a process by which Marxists of various stripes work to dismantle the Judeo-Christian social and political order and replace it with their own Secular Humanist alternative. And that has necessarily involved the systematic normalization of all forms of sexual deviance that God’s civilizational model restricted.

Thus, LGBT has never been just a coalition of groups, but is also a series of stages of sexual “liberation” from societal restraints, in which each group represents the breaking down of the next sequential moral/cultural barrier: lesbianism (L) being the easiest first step in the normalization of unnatural sex, then male homosexuality (G), then all forms of multiple partner sexual relations from bisexuality to polyamory (B) and then the de-normalization of binary heterosexual identity itself (T).

Sadly, with transgenderism also comes pedophilia, because the tactical framework for normalizing transgenderism is making gender self-determination for children a legally enforceable civil right. Assumed as fact in all their rhetoric and public policy arguments is a child’s inalienable right to self-assess his or her “true” gender identity and to force society, especially parents, to honor it. But “children’s rights” has always been the back door to the normalization of adult/child sex, “The repeal of all laws governing age of consent” being one of the last unachieved agenda items of the 1972 Gay Rights Platform (Section 2, Item 7). And in terms of defeating public opposition, it’s a relatively small step from the right of a child to choose sexual mutilation to the right to choose their sexual partners of any age or type.

But, importantly, pedophilia is not the worst aspect of transgender normalization: the worst is the transhumanist worldview in which children who become cognitively divorced from the reality of the natural order regarding sexuality and physiology willingly become guinea-pigs in the Yuval Harari’s nightmare of human cyborg experimentation because they no longer have any sense of authentic humanness.

Indeed, preparing the children for enslavement to this false reality may be the reason why the elites are creating such chaos and horror in the natural world: they’re trying to drive the youth deeper into the metaverse where their “reality” can be more easily shaped and directed.

Always remember that the ideological root of transhumanism is eugenics, “the self-direction of human evolution,” which is in turn the raison d’etre of the Cultural Marxist religion of secular humanism. And the Cultural Marxist strategy for world conquest is to disintegrate Western civilization’s Judeo-Christian marriage-based natural family foundation by flooding it with the cultural corrosive of sexual anarchy. The LGBT movement is the army of eager mercenaries waging this religious war with the zeal of plunder-crazed cultural savages (child slaves being the most cherished prize), and the sequential L.G.B.T. agenda is their order of battle.

Transhumanism is the end of this zero-sum game. Its rise extinguishes and supplants the Judeo-Christian order. When they have won, the transhumanists will slaughter their LGBT mercenaries so as not to risk rebellion against themselves, and they will likely restore some semblance of the norms of God with their own tweaks and augmentations. Their utopia will look much like the Millennial Kingdom, absent Jesus Christ.

Or so they believe. The King of Kings has other plans, and, frankly, all these horrific transhumanist delusions are a part of it, justifying the coming great cleansing that He has planned. So, as you see these things unfold, lift up your head, because your redemption draweth nigh.

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