Leaked docs reveal Fox Corp. pushing radical LGBT ‘pride’ agenda on employees

By Peter LaBarbera

The 'America's Newsroom' studio of the Fox News Channel (Video screenshot)
The ‘America’s Newsroom’ studio of the Fox News Channel (Video screenshot)

Leaked internal “Pride Month” documents reveal that Fox Corp., the parent company of Fox News, is pushing a radical LGBT agenda on its employees, including urging them to support sexual-left groups that advocate for “trans” procedures for children and tolerance “lessons” on homosexual perversions.

The stunning documents leaked to conservative Daily Wire podcaster Matt Walsh come as Tucker-less Fox News finds itself in deeper trouble with its conservative audience than at any time since it called Arizona early on Election Night 2020. In the last two years the network has started airing “Pride Month” broadcasts, including one in 2022 in which gay Fox reporter Bryan Llenas champions childhood “gender transitions” in the name of “love.”

Openly homosexual Fox News exec Michael Tammero conducted a very friendly, on-air “Pride Month” interview in June 2022 with Rev. Dr. Stephen Pieters, an AIDS activist who preaches a heretical, homosexuality-friendly version of “Christianity” (screenshot/Fox News)

“It’s clear that the implosion of Fox News is underway, and it shows no signs of stopping,” Walsh said on his podcast Friday.

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For the first time in two years, Fox on Friday reportedly lost its top ratings position to leftist rival MSNBC in the key 25-54 viewer demographic. Reports Adweek: “MSNBC, for the first time since 2018, beat Fox News and CNN in primetime among adults 25-54 and total viewers. It was the most-watched basic cable network in primetime this past week, averaging 1.52 million total viewers – its largest average primetime audience since the 2022 midterm elections.”

Robert Knight, conservative author and columnist, told WND: “Fox News surrendered long ago to the LGBTQ religion. It’s a myth that this is a conservative network. You cannot be conservative and lend support to a destructive, anti-faith movement bent on criminalizing Christianity.”

Walsh tweet-storm exposes Fox as massively ‘woke’ company
Walsh broke his story via Twitter June 15 based on documents leaked by employees from the “Fox employee portal.” His initial tweet – which had a whopping 14.6 million views at press time – states: “BREAKING: We’ve obtained internal docs from @FoxNews employees. Fox Corp is celebrating Pride by encouraging employees to read about ‘glory holes,’ supporting a group that gives sterilizing hormones to homeless youth, & deployed woke AI to monitor everyone. EXPLICIT CONTENT:”

Walsh continues: “2/ The documents we’re about to show you were produced by Fox Corp, which is the parent company of Fox News. These materials are presented to Fox News employees when they log into their employee portal. Let’s start at the top.”

‘Most disturbing thing’: Fox News joins ‘Pride’ party, LGBT propaganda oozes

In the third tweet, Walsh exposes that Fox Corp. directly "encourage [its] employees to donate" to three LGBT activist groups, Trevor Project, Ali Forney Center and the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

Fox also recommends giving to the National Center For Transgender Equality and Rainbow Railroad, a group that "helps at-risk LGBTQI+ individuals get to safety around the world."

Walsh cites a 2022 New York Post article in describing one of the groups, Trevor Project: "4/ The Trevor Project, which Fox says is devoted to helping 'LGBTQ young people,' hosts a sexually explicit chat room that connects children as young as 13 years old with 'LGBT' adults."

The Post article reports on Rachel, "a lifelong Democrat and feminist" from Brooklyn with a gender-confused child who stumbled upon the dark side of transgender-activist "help" for impressionable kids.

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The Post reports that in observing "TrevorSpace," an online "space" for youth that is part of Trevor Project, Rachel "got a bird’s-eye view of the progressive nonprofit giant [Trevor Project] that is claiming to save young lives but is really driving them further into existential rabbit holes, depravity and potential danger, she said."

The Post story continues: "She documented kids talking about how to buy binders, an undergarment that constricts breasts, behind their parents' backs. 'I know the way people usually do this is by ordering it to a friend's house or something of the sort, but I don't have anyone to do that with,' wrote a girl whose account says she's under 18. 'I have money and know where I want to get it from and all that. I just need a means of getting it.'"

Walsh's fifth tweet reports that the "Ali Forney Center, which Fox praises for rescuing 'homeless LGBT youth,' appears to admit (on Twitter and its website) that it injects these homeless young people with cross-sex hormones, which are known to cause sterilization."

Walsh's tweet #6 states: "The Los Angeles LGBT Center, which Fox calls 'unstoppable,' has posted a video of a mother 'surprising' her 'trans daughter' with the child’s first dose of hormones. YouTube removed the footage for terms of service violations, but a screenshot is still on Twitter."

The next few tweet discuss a recommended pro-trans book called "Fairest," “about a precocious boy … who would grow up to become a woman,” and other pro-LGBT books with explicit and perverse themes:

The book contains information that's obviously important for Fox employees as they go about their duties at work. For example, an early scene explains what a "glory hole" is.

The Fox-endorsed book also details the author’s graphic description of having a "c*ck" in his mouth.

Another book that Fox leadership encourages its employees to read, "Red White and Royal Blue," is about a fictional gay relationship between the Prince of Wales and the president's son. It contains this dialogue calling America a "genocidal empire."

The book, which Fox suggests will "expand your perspective," also quickly devolves into gay erotica.

As Walsh tweets, pro-LGBT "children's" picture books were also on Fox Corp.'s recommended reading list for employees:

Walsh goes on to expose Fox News employees who openly advocate for Democrat and liberal-left groups, including the notorious "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence" at the center of the Los Angeles Dodgers' "Pride Night" controversy:

Walsh later tweeted, "have received several off the record messages from current and former Fox employees thanking us for publishing this." But he said many conservatives will not highlight the story because they are petrified of offending Fox News.

Newsmax, which is benefiting greatly from Fox News' rating collapse, devoted significant coverage to the Fox Corp. "Pride Month" story. Newsmax host and former frequent Fox News commentator Eric Bolling assailed Fox's "hypocrisy" pushing leftist agendas that offend conservatives who built the network into a media giant. He invited Sarah Palin on his show Friday to discuss the Fox "pride" story. Palin revealed that recently she was canceled as a guest by Fox after she criticized it on another network.

IMPORTANT NOTE: “Election denier!” “Science denier!” “Climate-change denier!” “Conspiracy theorist!” And then there’s “hate speech,” “fake news,” “disinformation,” “misinformation,” even something called “MALinformation.” A bizarre new lexicon has been conjured up by America’s elites, the SOLE PURPOSE of which is to discredit and ridicule – and if at all possible, CENSOR ENTIRELY – speech that doesn’t support their increasingly dark and deranged agenda. Tucker Carlson is just the latest.

In the greatest imaginable irony, the nation once boasting the most robust culture of freedom of speech and the press – undergirded by the strongest constitutional protections for those rights – is now ground zero for a total war on free expression.

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