Secret recording catches teacher scolding Muslim students for skipping ‘pride’ month events

A teacher is taking flak after a recording of her berating Muslim students for refusing to take part in their school’s gay “pride” celebrations went viral.

The teacher at Londonderry School in Edmonton, Canada, shows that liberals have gone from demanding that you tolerate other people’s sexual proclivities to demanding that you approve of and celebrate those proclivities — or face ostracization.

In the recording, which was posted on TikTok on Wednesday, the teacher is heard attacking Muslim students for trying to avoid the school’s “pride” events.

“You are out to lunch if you think it’s acceptable to not show up because you think that there’s some ‘pride’ activities going on at school,” she told the resistant students.

The teacher went on to say that students who are not Muslim have to support Muslim holidays. Those kids, she said, were “here when we did Ramadan … and they’re showing respect in the class for your religion, right? For your beliefs.”

“It goes two ways! If you want to be respected for who you are, if you don’t want to suffer prejudice for your religion, your color of skin, your whatever, then you better give it back to people who are different from you. That’s how it works! It’s an exchange,” the irate teacher exclaimed.

“And it isn’t like that in all countries,” she added. “In Uganda, literally if they think you’re gay, they will execute you. If you believe that kind of thing, then you don’t belong here. Because that is not what Canada believes.

“We believe in freedom. We believe that people can marry whomever they want. That is in the law. And if you don’t think that should be the law, you can’t be Canadian. You don’t belong here, and I mean it. I really mean it.”

Talk about inclusion!

@doamuslims A teacher berates #Muslim students for choosing to abstain from participating in the celebration of Pride Month at a #school in #Alberta, #Canada.⁣ ⁣ #foryou #foryourpage #viral #Islam #Muslims #canada🇨🇦 #canadian #Allah ♬ original sound – DOAM

Of course, real freedom is not being forced to observe either Ramadan or “pride” month. Real freedom is making a personal choice about what you want to recognize and celebrate and allowing others to do the same.

This teacher clearly places her left-wing ideology ahead of actual freedom.

The National Council of Canadian Muslims responded to the recording in a statement on Facebook.

“We are greatly concerned after an audio recording has circulated of a teacher engaging in deeply Islamophobic, inappropriate and harassing behaviour towards Muslim students at Londonderry school in Edmonton,” the statement said.

“This is unacceptable. While we know that the school administration has apologized for this behaviour, we will be following up to determine what steps are being taken to challenge hate and discrimination.”

Edmonton Public Schools said it was taking unspecified disciplinary action against the teacher, according to City News.

In a letter to parents obtained by the Edmonton Journal, Londonderry principal Ed Charpentier wrote, “We know that words matter and they have the ability to bring us together and also to divide us. I want to assure you we are addressing the situation accordingly.”

This teacher acted as an authoritarian, forcing her far-left ideology on students under the guise of “freedom.” This is what the left has devolved into, and not just in Canada.

Parents and students are finally starting to push back against the leftist propaganda being forced on everyone in government schools. And it’s about time.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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