Today’s anti-groomer parents could win the culture war

By Scott Lively

Note: This column is part of a daily series Lively is writing – “”30 Days of Pride-Month Push-Back.”

I am one of the last remaining front-line leaders of the pro-family movement that started during the Reagan Revolution in the 1980s and largely ended with the Obergefell v. Hodges “gay marriage” betrayal by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2015. For the next few years I thought the culture war was pretty much over and we’d lost everything, but then as the left repositioned its armies to begin normalizing transgender insanity, a new generation of conservatives arose and formed today’s anti-groomer movement. Seeing a new glimmer of hope, I’d like to help them succeed where my generation failed, by offering some hard-won insights from a life on the battlefield.

Having early-on seen the likelihood of losing to the globalists, a quarter-century ago I wrote a booklet titled “Why and How to Defeat the Gay Movement,” in which I identified two forces potentially capable of eventually reversing the gains of the LGBT juggernaut: 1) the “ex-gay” movement, and 2) the (then) future parental rights movement of the millennial generation that grew up under the thumb of pro-LGBT propagandists and were thus (as adults) immune to the lies and could use their parental rights power to protect their kids’ generation.

This article addresses the second force and is inspired by this week’s news of a revolt by Muslim and Christian parents against the forced LGBT indoctrination of their children by Montgomery County Maryland Public Schools. The spark that ignited that particular conflict is a new school policy that eliminates the long-standing right of parents to opt their children out of exposure to LGBT “grooming” resources that normalize homosexuality and transgenderism.

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My prediction has finally come to pass, and I’d like to offer a couple of suggestions to help today’s anti-groomers capitalize on it.

Cultural Marxism vs. the Abrahamic faiths

What made the Maryland “opt out” skirmish a story of national interest was the leadership of the Muslims, whose status as a “victim class” in the minds of liberal journalists allowed them to treat the event as newsworthy without granting legitimacy to Christians (which is absolutely forbidden in “journalism” today). Indeed, the irrational, seething hatred of biblical Christianity by the “progressives” was a major factor in the defeat of the pro-family movement – not through the fault of the Christians, but by the shunning of the pro-family movement by many secular conservatives in fear of “guilt by association.”

Non-religious conservatives failed to recognize the unavoidably religious nature of the fight and declined to stand up with people whose faith they didn’t share – not realizing their “opting out” of the culture war gave victory to the Marxists by default. They didn’t recognize that “Secular Humanism” is NOT secular: it is the religion of Cultural Marxism (and the de facto religion of modern America) in which parental rights are a fiction because children belong to the state. Encouragingly, the anti-groomer generation now gets it!

The solution is to form an overt coalition of the Abrahamic faiths: Muslims, Jews and Christians on the theme of parental rights and an even broader coalition with believers in natural law on the theme of natural rights. This strategy has worked powerfully at the international level where moral conservatives have banded together across religious lines to stop many bad policies at the United Nations. A coalition of that nature in America could give victory to the anti-groomer cause that was denied to my generation.

Sheik, Soldier, Slave or Sovereign?

The second insight I’d like to offer goes to the question of who we are really fighting. Our adversaries individually fall into one of the three social strata of classic fascism that was framed originally by Plato in “The Republic,” modernized by Benito Mussolini and weaponized by the Frankfurt School in the form of Cultural Marxism.

1) Plato’s “philosopher kings” are today’s true “elites” who rule with hubris by diktat: the “Sheiks.”

2) His intermediary caste of military enforcers are today’s controlling “Social Justice Warriors” in every social institution at every level: the Soldiers.

3) His common people/serfs are today’s compliant minions who (willingly or unwillingly) embrace Marxist narratives and live by them: the Slaves.

In contrast, we who hold to a biblical or natural law perspective believe in the true Republic: self-rule under law. We are the Sovereigns of our own lives (and those of our children) who delegate limited power to government and are not ruled by it.

Our true enemies are the Sheiks and the Soldiers, not the Slaves. But just as wicked rulers have always done through the ages, the modern elites deploy the Slaves as human shields and use their propaganda power and diversionary tactics to make us think the human shields are the enemy (e.g., the Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street during the Obama years even though both sides openly blamed the 1% for society’s problems).

At the grassroots level it is essential for the anti-groomer activists to identify and distinguish the Soldiers from the Slaves. Most of the opponents along the battlefront – including many political seat-holders – are merely expendable Slaves who can easily be replaced. You need to identify, expose and remove the true-believer zealots among and behind them, especially those with the greatest influence over policy.

At the command level it is essential to identify and expose the Sheiks – the George Soros, shot-caller types (big and small) – which is sometimes harder said than done because they don’t want public scrutiny. Infiltration of the opponents’ organizations, James O’Keefe-style, may be the only way to find the big fish. I’m not a fan of so-called “gay conservatives” on the grounds that anyone who defends sexual-orientation theory as valid science and defines homosexual conduct as equivalent to heterosexual normalcy is part of the problem, not the solution (regardless of their position on other public policy issues). BUT for true conservatives who admit their same-sex inclinations are dysfunctional even if they can’t yet overcome them, there is cultural redemption in secret-agent espionage against Marxist evil, using their past lives to establish credibility.

In the end, whether we’re called pro-family or anti-groomer, our agenda is all about saving the children from homo-fascist tyranny, and we all should do whatever we can to serve that cause.

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