Tyrannical tirades from ‘small men’

By Mike Pottage

California’s Democrat-dominated bureaucracy this week unveiled a multifaceted campaign to destroy Ron DeSantis and promote Gavin Newsom’s presidential aspirations.

It is not customary in the United States to see government legal authorities such as the attorney general advancing a coordinated political campaign run out of the governor’s office with the intent to destroy a governor from another state. That is an improper use of government resources.

But in a world where despots rule and the public’s right to vote is blinded by censorship, inattention, ignorance and emotion, the war of governors has begun.

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It all began in the first hours of June with the arrival of 16 Venezuelan and Colombian migrants at an airport in Sacramento. Since the 1980s, various sanctuary advocates, cities and counties have declared sanctuary status. First, it was an effort to frustrate enforcement of immigration laws advanced by the Trojan Horse idea of “wanting a better life.” Now there is no border, so sanctuary status is more about raking in the welfare. That better life now includes the full slate of U.S. and state welfare handouts – food, housing, health care, unemployment insurance, even the right to vote in local elections – plus anchor-baby citizenship.

The Biden months in office have brought us about 8 million more people to count in the next census. California has been a sanctuary state since 2017. So what makes these 16 migrants worthy of Page 1 newspaper coverage and the lead nightly TV news story?

Gavin Newsom and his attorney general saw the arrival of 16 migrants not as an unremarkable event in the Golden State, but as an opportunity to launch a holy crusade against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The day 1 coverage was generated with orchestrated statements from Newsom and AG Rob Bonita. Newsom said he met with the migrants and was working with Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg and some area NGOs to support these special entrants.

Then he dropped the hammer. Newsom declared the California Department of Justice was investigating to find out who paid the transportation bill and to determine if anyone promised them something illegal or “violated criminal laws, including kidnapping. …”

Every day the illegal hordes are brought across the southwestern states’ borders into the U.S. in violation of the law. The “migrants” wear colored wrist bands to delineate which cartel owns them. Every day people are kidnapped, women are raped, and Gavin Newsom does all he can do to encourage it.

But 16 migrants arrive by air, and Newsom, his AG and the California state government is off on a tangent to assault Gov. DeSantis. Apparently, if DeSantis were a cartel member, it would be OK.

If there were any actual reporters left in the California press corps, this story would have immediately blown up in Newsom’s face. But the California media lapped up the handout like a kitten given a bowl of warm milk.

Mayor Steinberg initially asked the adoring media, “Is there anything more cruel than using scared human beings to score cheap political points?” Gag!

Senery was placed on stage, and day 2 of the farce was to expand on the speculation that GOP presidential candidate DeSantis will face charges of kidnapping, criminal conduct and multiple violations of immigration law in the near future. DeSantis supporters in California are paying for this.

The media made no attempt at balance, verification, or even to apply reason and logic to the bovine excrement flowing from the Capitol office of Gavin Newsom.

Democrats do not have to craft a plan that seems plausible. The media will cover for them. The media will hype any story or ignore any story. If this maneuver blows up in Newsom’s face, the media will just let it die.

The loss of a free media and the ability to exchange ideas is a serious challenge, and could, by itself, destroy the Republic.

But that is not the worst of this tale.

The senior administrative and legal structure of the government of the state of California has been redirected since June 3 from the public’s business to defeating Republicans and electing Gavin Newsom president. It must be said conducting elections is a useless exercise if the government controls what the people know and is actively engaged in orchestrating the outcome.

So by June 5, a second aircraft arrived in the Golden State, and local government officials were ready for them with Little Caesar’s pizza and water before they were whisked off to an undisclosed location. Translation: That prevented some enterprising reporter from asking obvious questions. There were 20 people aboard flight No. 2.

The original 16 had documents, but state government kept these from the public, using the standard FBI excuse … “ongoing investigation.” None of your business, Mr. and Mrs. Voter.

Just to make sure the public does not miss the importance of all this, Newson tweeted that DeSantis is a “small, pathetic man.”

Newsom, apparently, is projecting himself.

AG Bonita and Steinberg probably cannot tell you how many illegals entered California on Jan. 3, 4 and 5. The press certainly is not paying attention, but the actual number probably is in the high thousands per day, which begs the question, “What’s the big deal about the 36 folks who did not wear out a pair of shoes getting here?”

The one guy who could settle this childish California tirade, Joe Biden, remains silent.

If DeSantis is smart, he will dismiss his critic as the governor who signed legislation approving turning the remains of humans into fertilizer to help ward off climate change, and leave it at that.

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