Want to ditch your blood pressure meds? Here’s how

By Around the Web

(STUDY FINDS) – Adding strength training exercises like lifting weights to a moderate-to-vigorous workout routine two or three times a week can effectively lower high blood pressure, according to a recent study by Brazilian researchers. The study aimed to explore the effects of strength exercise on hypertension and analyzed over 21,000 scientific articles to reach these conclusions. The findings could be a game changer for the nearly 120 million American adults who have hypertension.

The study led by Giovana Rampazzo Teixeira from São Paulo State University (UNESP) indicated that strength training for a duration of eight to 10 weeks led to a significant reduction in blood pressure, with systolic pressure (top number) dropping by an average of 10 mmHg and diastolic pressure (bottom number) decreasing by 4.79 mmHg.

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Previous research primarily focused on the effects of aerobic exercise in lowering blood pressure, while the impact of strength training has received less attention. The sample group included 253 hypertensive patients with an average age of 59, and the meta-analysis focused on baseline and post-training responses to controlled studies lasting eight weeks or longer.

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