Women lose again: Dude wins beauty pageant in blue city

By Around the Web

(PJ MEDIA) – Raise up your can of Bud Light and join me, please, in a toast to Monroe Lace, the newly crowned Miss San Francisco.

According to a Tuesday CBS report, it was the fulfillment of a lifelong aspiration: “It felt like a dream,” said the happy Monroe, “because it’s been a dream that I’ve had since I was a child.” Monroe is by no means singular in that, of course; at least before appreciating beauty went out of fashion, there were no doubt innumerable young girls who dreamed of being beauty queens. Monroe Lace, however, is different, and knows it: “Even though I am Miss San Francisco, I know my impact is much greater than that,” says Monroe. He’s right: Monroe Lace, Miss San Francisco of 2023, is the first dude to hold the title.

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Alas, Monroe Lace cannot lay claim to being the first man ever to win a woman’s beauty pageant. That dubious distinction belongs to one Brían (pronounced “Bree-ann,” doncha know) Nguyen, a stout fellow indeed in every sense of the term, who was crowned Miss Greater Derry in New Hampshire last November.

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