Biden blasted for nibbling terrified toddler in ‘creepiest moment yet with a child’

By Bob Unruh

Biden nibbles terrified toddler in Sweden (video screenshot)
Biden nibbles terrified toddler (video screenshot)

Joe Biden is being blasted for his “creepiest moment yet with a child” after scaring a little girl during his recent departure from Helsinki, Finland, by nibbling her.

This is a man who soon will be 81.

Fox News reported the situation happened when “Biden nibbles on frightened young girl … weirding out Twitter users.”

The report said, “A video of the incident, which took place as the president greeted embassy staff members and their families before he boarded Air Force One at Helsinki-Vantaan International Airport, shows Biden leaning into a young girl and placing his mouth on her shoulder as he nibbled lightly.”

The report said the girl appeared “frightened” and said she later turned away when Biden “tried to give her a peck on the head.”

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Actually, the video looks like Biden either was trying to force a kiss on the little girl, or he was blowing at her.

“This has got to be Biden’s creepiest moment yet with a child,” conservative operative Caleb Hull said on social media. … All Biden has to do is not do this and he can’t.”

Biden, whose penchant for ice cream cones has been an important issue for some reporters in Washington, as they’ve asked him his favorite flavor, was derided by GOP operative Greg Price, who said he’s “now confusing babies with ice cream cones.”

Donald Trump Jr. pointed out the opinion of many: “Biden should be in a nursing home, not leading the free world.”

“This is peak, disgusting pedo behavior,” charged political comedian Tim Young.

Another said the child “was, clearly, scared and not amused.”

It’s far from the only time that Biden has been caught in this behavior.

Donald Trump Jr. at one point released a video compilation.

It was called “Creepy Joe Biden’s Creepiest Hits” and had four minutes of Biden “kissing and/or smelling the hair of girls or young women.”

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Biden, at one point, admitted “Social norms are changing” and he’d try to be “mindful about respecting personal space.”

But the encounters continue, as seen in multiple videos:

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