What if God is waiting for His Church to unite?

By Craige McMillan

The Bible is full of God’s supernatural actions among humanity. In fact, God’s supernatural actions, both in creating the Earth, and everything upon it, including us, is what makes the Bible such a remarkable book.

Another thing that makes the Bible remarkable is that God never seems to give up on us, even to the point of sending His Son to suffer and die on the cross in our place.

What was Adam and Eve’s great act of disobedience? They already had the Earth and everything in it (dominion). All Satan could offer was his own dream: To become like God, knowing good from evil. It has been said that Eve was deceived, but Adam committed high treason.

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Adam already knew that he was “like God.” He had walked and talked with God in the “cool of the afternoon” and named all the animals God had created. The Bible clearly records that we were “made in God’s image.”

What else was there to have?

The knowledge of good and evil? Seriously? Who among us growing up as children never heard the words, “You did what? You should have known better!”

What Satan desperately wanted in the garden was what the man and the woman already had. Satan wanted to be like the Most High God. But it was the man and the woman who were made in God’s image and likeness. We had already been given what Satan so desperately wanted. Through our disobedience, we lost our power as children of God.

Through the substitutionary death of Christ on the cross, our penalty was forever paid in full. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, God restored everything Adam and Eve had in the Garden of Eden.

The Church was born at Jesus’ empty tomb. The Church was made manifest at Pentecost, as described in the book of Acts. The Church has existed continuously since then in the lives of believers, who are indwelt by God’s Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Trinity. Thus the Disciples continued on in Jesus’ supernatural ministry of healing and other miracles, even after Jesus’ ascension.

Yet part of the Church today understands that believers can do signs and wonders, and the other part understands those stopped when the Disciples died or were killed. Say what you will about Satan, but he is very good at picking issues that divide the Body of Christ along doctrinal lines.

Confusing business, isn’t it? Yet the good part is that the entire Church still believes that God answers believers’ prayers.

There is no worse news for the one-world plans of the billionaires and the modern-day Babylonian prophets than a united Church with Jesus as it’s Head. If the Church will unite as the hands, feet, and the rest of the Body of Christ, then the Babylonians will all be assembled before their open portals begging, “Beam me outta here, Satan!”

Satan is not going to help his followers, except by ushering them into the Lake of Fire alongside of himself, which is his eternal home. His disciples will not be happy, and neither will he, but the world will be a better place without Satan’s efforts on our behalf.

Never take sides against God, especially when He is engaged in a great work. God’s timing is more seed time and harvest than calendar dates and times, or ticking clocks. God is not bound by time, but rather controls time. He may or may not be amused by the way we pretend to arrange His times and seasons.

Earth’s Final Kingdom, Vol. IV in the Armageddon Story novel series, by Craige McMillan.

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