Biden’s booze bureaucrat hopes to clamp down on your drinking

By Barbara Simpson

Who would have thunk it?!

Good old Joe has in mind stricter regulations as to how much alcohol American citizens can drink.

I thought that went out with Prohibition! But then, what do I know?

So pardon me, on this 100 degree day, while I put down my chilled beer and think about what is going on in Washington.

It’s thanks to the U.K.’s Daily Mail that Americans find out that there are “official alcohol guidelines” for us in Washington.

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Who knew?!

And who knew that President Biden has an “alcohol czar” – Dr. George Koob, who told the media that the U.S. has alcohol guidelines that are soon to change, to match those of Canada. In that country, people are advised to have just two drinks per week. Koob said that because there are health issues involving alcohol consumption, he thinks “people will start to reevaluate where we’re at in the U.S.”

The current U.S. recommendations are that women can have up to one bottle of beer, a small glass of wine or shot of spirit a day – while men can have two.

According to Dr. Koob, those guidelines are up for review in 2025, and as to what direction they might go, he said, “They’re not going to go up, I’m pretty sure.”

A major study by Oxford University from this June warned that any amount of alcohol increased the risk of someone suffering any of 60 serious diseases. Increasingly, studies are showing that even a small amount of alcohol can harm health. Researchers also showed links to diseases not before linked to alcohol such as gout and cataracts.

Koob, is director of the National Institute On Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. He claims that there are “no benefits” to drinking alcohol in terms of physical health.

Canadian studies showing an increase in cancer and other diseases have led to the country changing its alcohol guidelines. Previously, they suggested women could have up to 10 drinks per week and men 15.

The most recent recommendation is one drink per day, max, but in fact, that’s been changed, and the latest recommendation is just two drinks per week. The findings link alcohol consumption to increased cases of a variety of cancers as well as heart disease.

How these findings will affect the United States is not yet clear, but it is expected that new findings will be released within a year, since the guidelines are up for review in 2025.

The U.S. guidelines define a drink as 0.6 fluid ounces of alcohol. That is equivalent to one beer, one glass of wine at 12% alcohol, or one shot of hard liquor.

While people argue about the amount of alcohol, another aspect of drinking deals with “social benefits.” Dr. Koob admits that alcohol is a “social lubricant.” Others accused authorities of ignoring the benefits of drinking, including how it can help in social situations and help with combating loneliness.

“Alcohol infuses many lives in many positive ways.” That’s according to Dr. Dan Malleck, health sciences expert at Brock University in Canada.

He continued, “We celebrate accomplishments, mark occasions, bring wine to parties, meeting with friends, commiserate, relax, blow off steam … these are important activities, and part of the texture and tone of many lives.”

I agree with that man and certainly hope that Americans who will be deciding on recommendations for how WE drink will consider what he says.

Then again, consider that Biden’s “alcohol czar” will be reconsidering U.S. drinking recommendations. I didn’t know we had any!

I wonder how those new recommendations it will affect Hunter Biden’s socializing. I think “Papa Joe” may have a problem there!

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