BRICS and loans may break our bones

By Scott Lively

I’ve been pretty much housebound in our little cottage during the summer heat wave here in super-humid Memphis, so I’ve begun playing a computer game called Civilization as a diversion from my various book-writing projects.

It’s the fifth generation of this game, which first launched in 1991. I’ve never played the prior versions, but this one is like the old board game Risk but infinitely more complex and enthralling. And, in God’s unpredictable sense of humor, it is the perfect complement to my recent studies on history and geopolitics. After just a few hours of playing, my understanding of the mindset of the upper elites had been greatly increased and refined. My abstract and academic perspectives on the global realignment taking place relative to the declining Anglo-America NATO powers and the ascending BRICS alliance came to life as I built my own empire and strove for global dominance.

The game puts you in the seat of power to make decisions require long-term planning involving the fate of nations and the timing and trajectory of technology and social policy. Such things as the will of the people far below you are merely considerations to be weighed against other factors they can’t see or appreciate, including the will of competing powers that may be malicious or benign, and the demands of constituent powers and special interests within your empire (think Pfizer and the LGBTs) who may or may not care about people within their sphere of influence or control.

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Playing Civilization 5 has been like watching a curtain being drawn back to expose all the major players on the world stage: one gigantic “Game of Thrones” – which consequence (the revelation of this truth, I mean) is so obvious to me now that I think both that game and the film series may actually be social engineering tools in their own right, designed by the elites to heighten appreciation for their challenges and thus lessen hostility to them: to “walk a mile in their shoes,” so to speak.

Heck, playing Civ 5 might very well be mandatory training for the World Economic Forum’s “Young Global Leaders” or perhaps even a secret aptitude assessment tool being monitored by elite recruiters (which concept has been a plot element of at least three science-fiction films/series I can think of.) “Game of Thrones” instills a sense of foreboding (predictive programming) about a rising threat to all of civilization from the frozen north (think Russia).

But here in the real world among the common people, self-determination is not a social privilege granted by benign or pragmatic elites, but a gift of God built into the order of Creation. And the many religions of the world that influence the will of the people are not, as in Civ 5, totally interchangeable tools for population control. When the powers of the world align to impose new levels of control through contrived “climate crises” and “disease epidemics” (things not technically in the game but equivalent to things that are) the people of the real world do not just adjust and get over it (or maybe they do – but they shouldn’t.)

It does help, however, to have insights into how the elites think and see the world, especially regarding the much longer-term planning they do than the common people realize. For example, the Anglo-American elites knew at the end of World War II that the Russian Empire would grow as a threat to their already centuries-long global hegemon, which arose under the British Monarchy (when “the sun never set on the British Empire”). After WWII, the American side of the partnership rose to (real or apparent) dominance.

The planning goes even deeper than that as evidenced by Woodrow Wilson’s role in creating the League of Nations. His globalist influence continues through the work of the Wilson Center offering in 2011 this summary of the American elites’ perspective that persists today:

“Sir Halford Mackinder, the father of geopolitics, argued that the power that controls Eurasia controls the world. How can the West ensure that the struggle for this fundamental theater in world politics is resolved in favor of Western democratic governance – without the autocratic domination of Eurasia?”

That’s why Gen. MacArthur wanted to keep the Allied war machine of WWII rolling to Moscow. But Truman fired him to take that option off the board, and NATO was formed as an alternative, with a strategy of slow encirclement that has taken us incrementally to the Ukrainian/Russian border, which is, of course, the ultimate, existential red line for the Russians whose only choice was submission or war.

The Eurasian “world island” is dominated today by Russia and China who have their own vision for breaking the Anglo-American hegemon by challenging it with a new multi-national economic alliance called BRICS. It’s all about ending exclusive U.S. control of the world “reserve currency,” the dollar. Theoretically, if the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) create their own workable system for international trade without using the dollar, the U.S. will lose the ability to print unlimited sums to cover its massive debts, and our economy will experience an unsurvivable crash. Our loans suddenly will come due with no way to pay them off.

Does that explain the non-stop hard-sell of an economic “Great Reset” that nobody wants? Do the elites know dollar dominance is likely in a death spiral?

Is the self-destructive insanity of the OBiden administration all just cultural sabotage by China (using bribery and extortion of U.S. pols) to weaken American resistance to BRICS and turn us against our own government? (If “our democracy” means sexual anarchy and the grooming and mutilation of children, hatred of “whiteness” and unstoppable election fraud, who would fight to preserve a hegemonic system based on “democracy” instead of embracing the BRICS idea of a new multi-polar order?)

Is fear of BRICS the real reason for the fear of Donald Trump and the “America First” movement? (Doesn’t “America First” implicitly reject the very globalist strategy driving NATO and its necessary system of endless wars and international bullying?)

The Western media are downplaying the fact that BRICS added six new members last week: Iran, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Egypt and Ethiopia. The potential negative impact of this for the United States is huge. Here’s a high-quality analysis from the pro-BRICS side.

One surprising result of playing Civ 5 is a renewed love and loyalty for the America I grew up in and a greater hesitancy to view the BRICS alliance favorably. Because whatever short-term benefits the world might reap from a defeat of today’s deeply perverse and corrupt Anglo-American hegemony, the replacement system would soon be just as bad for other reasons – because alliances of strongmen only last as long as it serves their individual interests, and the only interest the BRICS nations really have is ending U.S. bullying. After that it would be a very bloody free-for-all, except in the real world, and not in the safety of a computer game.

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