Your cellphone … or that Still Small Voice?

By Craige McMillan

Are we secular people, who attend church once a week? Are we religious people who follow the instructions in the Bible for clean, godly living, and ask forgiveness when we fail, secure in the knowledge that we are on our way to Heaven when we die to live in eternal bliss?

Or are we something else? Are we earthen vessels, temporarily tied to this planet, who within ourselves carry the very Spirit of the Living God who created us, the Universe and everything in it?

The world, perhaps being fond of clay, will tell us that we emerged by chance, grew through an evolutionary process to dominate the planet and will be here until the next big thing comes along. That big thing could be space aliens, robots, some mixture, or more likely something we’ve never heard of or thought about.

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The churches, being fond of God, will tell us that we are destined to spend eternity with Him, but for the moment we are stuck here and must make the best of it.

But there is another alternative: The Still Small Voice that lives inside of us, provided it acknowledges that Jesus Christ came in the flesh, will tell us why God placed us here, for such a time as this, and how He would like us to proceed during our time on earth. He gave us a mother, and He gave us a destiny.

When I first studied the Middle Ages in college, I thought how boring it must have been, especially in the monasteries, the way the monks lived. But over time, I have decided that their contemplative lives, focused on God, must have been really interesting.

If there is no person around who has lived an exciting life and is willing to talk about it, that leaves basically God to talk with. The fascinating thing is: The Creator-God who spoke the universe and everything in it is actually eager to engage in conversation with us!

In a certain sense, those of us who engage in writing, as well as other creative endeavors, are more similar to the monks in the monasteries than we are the people surrounding us in the cities and the workplaces. Many of us find the still small voice a much more interesting conversational companion than the cellphone, calls and texts that others seem so attached to. They ignore the person in front of them, to attend to a text or call from someone distant from them but already a part of their existing life.

In a very real sense, our modern, always on, always connected technology keeps us from hearing the still small voice, even when the divine has something very important to tell us. God really is an important but neglected source of information and advice that we need to survive the changes that are upon us. Is there anyone who knows more than God about what we need to do to survive the times we are going through right now?

I bring this up now, because I believe that we are going to be the generation that sees a greater move of God’s hand than the Red Sea generation of Israelite slaves who experienced the Exodus out of Egypt. We are the generation that will know – both what God is about to do and what God wants us to do when He is finished.

We are in uncharted territory, and God alone knows what He is going to do to save us and the rest of His creation from the timeline Satan has been nudging forward.

Hang on, and if you can chronicle these events in some manner, please do so. Future generations will thank those of us who chronicled God’s Great Reset and how it swallowed up the agendas of self-made men and women in government, business and the church. The staff God gave Moses to throw down on the floor in front of Pharaoh swallowed up the snakes conjured up by Pharaoh’s sorcerers. So too will God’s Great Reset swallow up the plans of those who believe they are destined to rule the universe, through their arrogance and pride. That job was filled some 2,000 years ago by the God-Man Jesus Christ, whom after his Resurrection God placed above all principalities and powers, forever more.

Don’t be shy. God really does want to communicate with us about what is going on in our world today. Yet He created us with free will. We can listen to whomever we want. So bless Him who gave us the choice by choosing Him first. If you persist, you will learn the sound of his voice when He speaks inside of you. (Please don’t ask for an audible voice; you want the still small voice – the one that acknowledges that Jesus Christ came in the flesh.) Welcome to the Remnant Church of God.

Earth’s Final Kingdom, by Craige McMillan

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