The CIA war in Ukraine started in the 1940s

By Richard Blakley

Many think that U.S. involvement in the Ukrainian war is something new for America, but this has been ongoing since the 1947 formation of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Apparently, “Operation Red Sox” was meant to fly unmarked C-47s over the Black Sea, flying barely above the ground to avoid detection, dropping handfuls of commandos to link up with Ukrainian resistance then fighting Soviet expansionism. The goal of the operation was that “ultimately an operational base may be established in … Ukraine,” according to a declassified CIA document. In 1947 chief of the CIA’s Special Projects Division for Soviet operations wrote, “Operations using the Ukrainians as an organized group will probably turn out to be worthless – simply because without practical support the Ukrainian nationalist groups will be decimated by Soviet pressure and demoralization.”

Operation Red Sox commenced in 1949, with terrible results. Of the 85 agents the CIA dropped into Ukraine, many were not on the ground for more than a few hours before they were “captured and tortured or killed outright.”

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After this mysterious failure, Washington realized they did not know enough about the Ukrainian nationalists. It was discovered the nationalists were “directly linked to Nazi atrocities in the region” and were “Nazis, pure and simple.” One CIA operations chief stated that it was “worse than that, because a lot of them did the Nazis’ dirty work for them.”

Discovery that MI6 officer Kim Philby had been spying for the Russians since 1933 and may have betrayed the program could also account for the mission’s failure.

The CIA continued its missions into Ukraine well into the 1950s.

Fast-forward to February 2014. Joe Biden, Obama’s point man in Ukrainian affairs, was in Kyiv and “watched anti-government protesters fill the streets in what became known as the Maidan revolution.” “Masked militants” demanded a change in government and constitution. Duly elected Ukrainian President Yanukovych was accused of being pro-Russian and anti-European with his policies, because he refused to sign an EU agreement. He had been elected “in balloting that international observers considered reasonably free and fair.” According to filmmaker Oliver Stone’s four-hour interview with Yanukovych, a deal that Yanukovych had agreed to was tossed aside “when well-armed, neo-Nazi radicals forced him to flee the country with repeated assassination attempts.” The next day, “a new pro-Western government was established and immediately recognized by the U.S. (as in the Chavez 2002 coup).”

Prior to this, Russian intelligence intercepted a telephone call between Victoria Nuland, assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs, and Geoffrey Pyatt, U.S. ambassador to Ukraine. This call detailed their selection of Yatsenyuk as prime minister once Yanukovych was ousted. The telephone call was leaked to the international media.

Unfortunately, in this Maiden revolution, protesters and police officers lost their lives. The slain activists are known as “the Heavenly Hundred.” Stone stated it “seemed clear that the so-called ‘shooters’ who killed 14 police men, wounded some 85, and killed 45 protesting civilians, were outside third-party agitators.”

“Many witnesses, including Yanukovych and police officials, believe these foreign elements were introduced by pro-Western factions – with CIA fingerprints on it.” Stone compared this overthrow to the 2002 and 2014 Venezuela protests. He stated the plan is to “create enough chaos, as the CIA did in Iran ’53, Chile ’73, and countless other coups, and the legitimate government can be toppled.” Continuing, Stone stated, “It’s America’s soft power technique called ‘Regime Change 101.'”

This toppling of the Ukrainian government forced Putin to respond. While Crimea was part of Ukraine, Russia had an agreement with the former Ukrainian government to use Crimea as a warm-water port. With the toppling of the government, Russian military annexed Crimea. Putin felt Russia’s national security was threatened, because Russia’s two main warm-water ports are Tartus in Syria and Sevastopol in Crimea.

America enjoyed four years of no new wars under President Trump’s administration. Numerous articles suggest that Biden’s administration triggered the Ukrainian war. Even the pope stated that the war was “perhaps somehow provoked.” China’s President Xi stated that “conflict and confrontation are not in anyone’s interest.”

The senior reporter and editor of Newsweek, William Arkin, conducted an in-depth investigation into the CIA’s current Ukrainian involvement. Let’s see if this sounds familiar.

“The CIA is shuttling weapons into Ukraine using a ‘gray fleet’ of commercial aircraft … sending personnel into Ukraine on secret missions and assisting Ukrainians with new weapons and systems.” This is the same game plan as 1949, except this time the U.S. has added $100 billion in weapons and cash to the picture. Arkin also points out, “Ukraine is not an ally of the United States. We have no treaty obligations towards Ukraine. And the United States is not at war with Russia. So, this is a particularly unique battlefield in which the CIA is playing an outsize role,” not really knowing what Ukraine is going to do, nor what Russia is going to do. Part of what the CIA was supposed to do, was urge Ukraine not to attack Russia or Belarus, but with the Nord Stream bombings, the Kerch Bridge attack and the two drone strikes on Russia, the U.S. could be funding something of which they have little control, as U.S. Intelligence believes Ukraine is behind all of it.

On Dec. 25, 2022, and again, on Jan. 6, 2023, Putin offered peace talks, but instead of speaking with Putin, Biden-appointed CIA Director William Burns stated that while most conflicts end in negotiation, Russia was not serious about real talks.

July 10, 2023, Biden said that Ukraine is not ready to join NATO. This is very odd since Biden had been pushing Ukrainian membership in NATO since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Even stranger, while this is what Putin wanted to address with Biden before the war began, Biden refused to talk with Putin, stating that Ukrainian NATO membership concerns were a non-starter for negotiations.

With this overreaching CIA and bumbling Biden administration mess, what’s the objective now?

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