The coming Dem-dictatorship coup

By Mike Pottage

Americans who pay attention to politics and support constitutional government are beginning to issue warnings to the Democratic Party leadership about the destruction of the United States judicial system and its subversion to the will of an omnipotent executive. Three equal branches of government is gone, but not forgotten.

The warnings and lessons are clear. The law must not criminalize political differences. A growing number of Americans are coming to the conclusion that is precisely what the people who control the Democratic Party are doing.

If the juggernaut of endless lawsuits damages the candidacy of Donald Trump, and Donald Trump still wins the 2024 election, Democrats appear to be primed to deny the election and declare someone else to be president. At least that is what some of them say publicly, that Trump “cannot be allowed” in the White House. Sounds a little like a dictatorship, doesn’t it?

America would instantly be confronted with a physical, to-the-death civil war – and the world would dissolve into chaos as it watches. The danger to the nation has never been greater, from the criminal chaos on the streets to the sanctioned criminality within the White House and the Department of Justice.

As the predictable, orchestrated Georgia indictments approached, the fourth in the current series of legal whippings handed the former president, the fundamental assessments of the vituperative political game shifted. More and more writers are expressing the unthinkable in America. We are being driven toward revolution.

The gruesome future not only involves the presidential candidates. The same Democratic Party forces who are using grand juries and lawsuits to do their political dirty work have successfully destroyed the Penal Codes of the 50 states.

No one is safe in America today. Laws to protect persons and property have been shunted aside. In recent days in Los Angeles, a multi-million-dollar mansion was invaded and destroyed by vandals. In Glendale and Woodland Hills, major high-end commercial enterprises were invaded by dozens of organized vandals who ran away unscathed with $300,000 and $100,000 in merchandize. At this writing no one has been arrested. Why arrest them? Criminal charges probably would not be filed.

This is not lofty “who will be president” stuff. This is an issue of family and property safety.

Ask yourself, how long can the business of American continue if its merchandize is stolen rather than sold, and how long can the patrons of those businesses afford to pay the higher prices necessary to pay for the losses. Malls are closing because they are no longer safe spaces.

Nationwide, district attorneys continue to announce they will not file charges against criminals. Bail no longer applies. The thugs can burn the central cities, and no one gets arrested.

And so if someone decides to cover a home in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Diego with spray-painted “FU” messages or LGBTQ+ slogans, the property owners can tough it out on their own. If someone decides to burglarize your home and take what he wishes, the property owner is on his own.

In other words, if you want justice, you are going to have to administer it yourself.

The existing Democrat-controlled government is not going to stop the flow of illegals into America. It is not going to stop the supplies of drugs that have resulted in sidewalk tent cities within cities. All government can think to do is throw money at the drug-crazed crowd, but it refuses to scoop these people up and force them to accept help.

While Donald Trump is harassed with orchestrated grand jury indictments, each homeowner in America hopes he or she will not be singled out by the criminals who now roam at will, without fear of justice. Our government no longer is there to protect us.

This intolerable situation is aggravated by the capitulation of the Democratic Party to the Marxist rabble. The alternative Republican Party has few leaders with the street smarts to recognize the threat, and these dullards wander about the halls of the Congressional offices talking deals and arranging meet and greets with donors. The cowards, as Patrick Henry noted, may cry peace, but there is no peace.

So a political solution from the responsible power centers of America, at this juncture, seems impossible. The people will be forced to rebuild the two-party system, or surrender their freedom.

If America is to be rescued from the outrages of too much government, it will come from you and your neighbor and the family down the street. If the Democrat dictatorship machine can convince people they can deliver security but only if they have more power to do so, all is lost.

One political writer speculated the Democratic leaders might be “unaware” of the consequences of their actions. That is naïve. Democrats are acutely aware, not blissfully unaware, of what they are doing. Their goal is power, absolute power. Democrats secured that absolute power over the nation’s most important state, California, so why not the nation? Why not the world? Precisely the same political maneuvers are being used today in Israel and Brazil.

How can a nation of free people engaged in a free enterprise economic system, be subjugated? It is a simple construct. Create chaos, and then pose as the only authority able to bring peace back to society. Create enough chaos, and the citizens will cede the power needed to destroy their freedom. The pea is hidden beneath the shell on the left.

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