‘Ditch Mitch!’ Home-state voters shout at McConnell to ‘retire’

By Joe Kovacs

Republican U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell gets fiercely booed and urged to retire during an address in his home state of Kentucky on Sunday, Aug. 6, 2023. (Video screenshot)

It’s not just the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield who gets no respect.

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., was inundated with fierce boos and chants of “Retire,” “ditch Mitch,” and “lost the Senate” on Sunday in his home state of Kentucky.

The barrage of negative remarks continued non-stop for five minutes, as the veteran Republican kept voicing his speech trough the cacophony.

The retirement chants come not long after McConnell froze for an extended period of time during a news conference July 26, as concerned staffers finally escorted off the 81-year-old senator.

Meanwhile, comments regarding this weekend’s shout-fest are merciless:

“Did Mitch zone out again?”

“It’s hard not to feel embarrassed for someone being publicly shamed like this. Although, McConnell’s career earned him the right to be publicly shamed.”

“They DO know they can retire him at the ballot box. They need to run someone good against him.”

“Him and a bunch of other people deserve this treatment. Our politicians are horrible.”

“Absence of term limits are not to keep them in office, but to keep you out. They don’t want average Americans running!”

“How does he not stop and acknowledge the audience? That’s public speaking 101 … 🤦‍♂️”

“My God. I don’t think he was even aware a crowd was there.”

“Never would have thought in a million years I could be aroused by a video of Mitch McConnell.”

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