The FBI’s shocking betrayal of True the Vote

By Joseph Farah

We have seen the story of True the Vote’s first two parts of an odyssey in unraveling the nightmare of foreign election interference and subsequently discovering the horror of working with the FBI on the substantial threat to the future of America, a relationship that would lead to the federal agency’s betrayal.

It started with True the Vote’s discovery of a not-well-conceived plot by China to subvert the sanctity of America’s institution of voting. Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, the pair who had confronted strange and disturbing patterns of voting irregularities in their research for the film “2000 Mules,” had thought they had seen everything. But this was different – much different.

Over time, they had witnessed what had emerged as a seemingly existential and substantial threat posed by a foreign company operating brazenly and openly to involve itself in the inner workings of U.S. elections. That company was called Konnech, an unabashedly Chinese company that bought its way into America lock, stock and barrel. And it would be difficult to get it back. The Chinese government had claims to owning all the data gathered from 32 of the largest polling centers in the U.S., unconditionally.

True the Vote took all this information to the FBI. Engelbrecht and Phillips worked closely with them. They were convinced that the agents they were working with, together as partners, getting to truth of the matter, were sincere. And then came the betrayal.

This was called “The Tiger Project.” It came in three acts known as “The Discovery,” “The Op” and “The Betrayal.” It went on from January of 2021 to April of 2022. And it still goes on today.

“The FBI opened up a significant counter-intelligence operation on this,” said Phillips. “It wasn’t just American information, it was Australian information, it was Canadian information, it was Mexican information – and we ultimately found out that that the CCP (The Chinese Communist Party) had its own information on the server.”

So they turned over all this information to the FBI.

Konnech had a ticker that showed the U.S. counties they were doing business with, so at the FBI’s behest True the Vote wrote to them all and addressed their questions to the company.

“The individual that owned the company began to write back to me, and I began to interface back with the knowledge of the FBI,” said Engelbrecht. “And we really felt that the FBI was going to stop this.”

After all, they all agreed that the penetration represented a national security threat. The FBI agreed to what True the Vote would say back. They learned that Konnech got into the U.S. through China’s Confucius Institute, with which the State Department ultimately severed its relationship.

Then came “The Betrayal.”

“Two weeks before the movie (‘2000 Mules’) came out, I get a call from an agent who says the FBI is starting to look at this differently,” said Engelbrecht. “Two women have come out and said you are starting to look like the criminals. And we have been told to instruct the company that we have breached their firewalls. None of which is true.”

Phillips, later, was told he was being accused of stealing three Unicom server backbones. They were informed that the issue was being assigned to the CIA, NSA and others.

“It was very intense,” said Engelbrecht. “They said they were going to call back and try to fix it. They didn’t call back for some time. When they did one of the agents said he was very concerned this was happening, and that we should be willing to press the nuclear option and go to the press.”

Phillips calls the FBI “the sorriest traitors” for what they have done.

Meanwhile, and perhaps most disturbingly, he says, “This software is still in play.”

That’s what really keeps the True the Vote team up all night – many nights. The 2024 election gets nearer and nearer every day. Most Americans are just learning about this story. What are we going to do? What can we do?

I talk to so many well-informed people, rock stars of our movement, who know nothing about it. The Chinese are inside the gates having their way with us, buying more and more influence and fixing our elections.

My own hometown, in Fairfax County, Virginia, where I vote is corrupted, and the people there aren’t even aware.

“It’s now up to us,” says Engelbrecht.

It’s time to make all the people at least aware of what’s happening – then we have a chance to start doing something that will make a difference. Then, and only then, can we save America.

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