GOP hierarchy wants Trump out of the race

By Mychal Massie

Let me be clear in my appraisal regarding how the 2024 presidential election campaign plays out: The Republican hierarchy is committed to preventing President Trump from winning. And, I’d bet a box of my favorite cigars that it wouldn’t take a Lt. Columbo investigating the indictments against Trump to find the fingerprints of Karl Rove, the Bush family and the remaining Koch brother activist group on the “let’s get Trump” planning papers.

The only way Republican leadership is this inept, in the face of the mountains of evidence against Biden and family, is that they want to be. The important thing for “We the People” to understand is that the GOP is not our friend and they don’t have our best interest in mind. They’re interested primarily, if not exclusively, in the continued capitalization of their office(s). And, they’re interested in the exclusivity of consolidated power.

To claim President Trump is tied with Biden in polling is manipulative agitprop designed to reduce the GOP front-runner to Biden’s level. How can Trump, the greatest president in modern history, be tied with a presidency beneath that of Carter and Obama? It’s important people understand political speak. But, I digress.

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President Trump worked his entire first term in an environment infested with carnivorous political species all of whom were identifiable by their pachyderm logo. If the Republican Party was willing to clandestinely support Democrat candidates in New Jersey to prevent Tea Party candidates from winning, do you think they will stop there?

The Fox News talking heads and GOP leadership want you and I to believe that Democrats are bad and Republicans are good. The truth is Democrats are demonically evil, but Republicans are absolutely no better.

The Republicans are just very adept at allowing negative information to come out in bits and pieces, until just at the most damaging time they turn on the person under siege and claim the stories have reached a point that for the good of the country/party, they must ask the candidate, in their case President Trump, to step aside. That’s exactly what they did to the late presidential candidate Herman Cain. They similarly attacked Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell. As soon as these candidates stepped aside all mention of wrongdoing disappeared literally overnight.

No modern president and certainly no Republican has accomplished what President Trump accomplished in the face of the opposition he faced from both parties and specifically the Republican Party. They can attack him and disparage him, but the facts speak the truth and that is President Trump set America on a path of prosperity unlike any time in modern history – including the Reagan years.

The GOP is notorious for the ad hominem attacks upon the front-runners of their party not handpicked by them. They have an order of succession and a “no outsiders allowed” policy. This is why Mitch McConnell fought against the Tea Party when it was still truly grassroots.

Did you forget that McConnell threatened to blacklist any company that worked with or fundraised for a Tea Party candidate? This included the Jamestown Group, one of the premiere fundraising companies used by the GOP. McConnell was willing to court disaster rather than allow support for any non-ordained candidate.

The GOP has from the beginning used the Koch brothers’ political apparatus to threaten potential Trump staffers, that to assist President Trump would be career ending for them in “the world [of] Fortune 100 companies.”

There are at best a very limited number of super firms within the legal profession located in the United States. Not one of these super firms is tripping over themselves to score victory for President Trump in the frivolous and fraudulent indictments confronting him – should that not strike the voters as curious? These law firms are absent because they have been threatened with total estrangement should they come to President Trump’s defense. The law no longer matters to them nor the abuse and mishandling of same. They care only about future political work and not having their involvement with the Jeffrey Epstein elements leaked to the public.

They view President Trump as an insalubrious usurper to their authority. He threatens to upset everything they have fought to secretly establish. They’re as entrenched in the swamp as Democrats. They’re just better at hiding their true motives, while Democrats for the most part don’t give a rat’s tail about being exposed.

This is without question ophidian in nature, but it isn’t as esoteric and uncommon as you may be led to believe. This is one of the dirtiest and worst kept secrets in Washington. The GOP would rather lose to Biden as they did with Obama, so they can spend the next four years raking in massive amounts of case from fundraising against the Democrats.

The politicos can spin it any way they want, but the fact remains the Republican hierarchy hates and fears President Trump. They realize conservatives may be gullible and for the most part easy to persuade to go along with things. They also realize conservatives like President Trump, which is why they’re handing the indictments of President Trump as they are. At some point within the next month, their political chorus will sing a different tune.

They’ll suddenly turn encomiastic and with heavy hearts insist that President Trump step aside for the good of the party.

The problem with that their scenario is that it is Trump who is the good of the party. They might forget, but we shouldn’t forget that the best, most prosperous period in the years since President Reagan were those with President Trump in the White House.

I’ve been around these waters for many years, and I can tell you that America and her people are on the verge of total collapse. You can write this down. If President Trump is reelected, I believe it means that the mercy and grace of our God in heaven has been extended even if for only hours, days, weeks or months. If he isn’t reelected, the evil we’re watching played out now will increase exponentially.

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