Mike Rowe fires back after being told to ‘stay in your lane’ instead of defending women’s rights

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Mike Rowe, host of 'Dirty Jobs' (Video screenshot)
Mike Rowe, host of ‘Dirty Jobs’ (Video screenshot)

(FAITHWIRE) — Mike Rowe fired back after being told to “stay in your lane” when he stood up for fellow podcaster Megyn Kelly, who warned Apple against “de-platforming” her podcast because she’s a “woman speaking up for girls and her fellow women,” referring to the constantly swirling transgender debate.

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The famed “Dirty Jobs” host took to Facebook on Sunday, where he vowed to “stand with” Kelly.

He also responded to a critic named Jessica, who condemned Rowe for his “desperate grabs at popularity” before telling him, “Stay in your lane, please.”

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