Quid pro Joe

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To me it seems obvious that President Biden’s push for green energy is a major gift to China and is payback for the substantial bribes the Chinese have sent to the Biden family.

Our leaders are criminals who oppose the Constitution at every turn.

Good luck to the country, we will need it,

George Thompson

Tucker is wrong

Tucker Carlson got it 100% wrong [“Tucker unleashes on one Republican for president, calling candidate ‘creepy’ and ‘sinister'”]. The Ukrainian government is not persecuting Christians, but they are persecuting the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine.

The Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine was and is an agency of the Russian government and is hostile to anything and everything Ukrainian. It deserves to be persecuted for its pro-Russian, anti-Ukrainian beliefs at a time when Russia is waging war against Ukraine. None of the other Christian churches (Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Ukrainian Catholic Church, Roman Catholic Church, various Protestant Denominations and so on) are being persecuted.

The claims of “persecuting Christians” is Russian disinformation.


Trump attacked from Day 1

From the beginning, Donald Trump was harassed with lies and fabrications. Impeached for a phone call asking for information on Ukrainian business dealings, internet server storage, a software company, Crowd Strike, and possibly the Burisma Biden dealings and a prosecutor fired for investigating them. Trump called the major media liars and “fake news.” He promised to drain the Washington Swamp of the politically corrupt. The Swamp still thrives.

Trump is daily being politically persecuted by those in high places just as in banana republics. He has just been indited again for believing the 2020 election results were affected by software malware, mail-in ballot fraud and signature mismatches on ballots to the tune that Joe Biden got 81 million votes (the most ever, 7 million more than BHO, campaigning from his basement) and trying to investigate all that before it was all swept under the rug of revisionist history.


A saddening headline

Regarding Dr. Michael Brown’s recent article about “the problem” with an imminent Rapture.

I agree that we don’t set dates for the Rapture, but we are expected to recognize the times and season. The Rapture is our Blessed Hope. We serve until that moment, but are to eagerly anticipate it, as a Bride eagerly anticipates her wedding day.

And the occurrence of the Rapture in no way blocks any of the plan of God, but rather is an important part of the fulfilling of His plan for the ages. I was saddened by the title of the article; there is nothing that needs to happen before the Rapture. God has been and is doing all His work according to His timeline. I’m also saddened by the fact that Dr. Brown equates the Rapture and Second Coming as the same event. They are not. Thank you.


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