The ultimate sinister goal of the climate con

By WND Guest Columnist

By Ron Boat

Climate control. It’s far more than that round dial on the wall.

Current governments see it as a much more important, extensive and far-reaching opportunity which is, in fact, nothing more than an intrusion into the money coffers and power positions of their citizens – an opportunity to spread the wealth to political donors and supporters, while gaining more authoritarian control.

There are two moving elements to this con game being perpetrated on America and the world.

The first is a more straightforward and obvious exercise based on the rhetoric being presented and actions being taken.

The intrusion into the public’s lives is blatantly apparent when the government screams CLIMATE CRISIS and exerts measures as they have: actions based on claims of over-polluting fossil fuels, rising seas, floods, hurricanes, fires and world destruction. Hence, their dictate to eliminate gas operated stoves, water heaters, fireplaces, lawnmowers, even banning cars and pushing EVs, along with their cleaner yet less efficient wind and solar power.

From Day 1 in the White House, the president canceled and restricted gas pipelines and production. Beware the “Climate Emergency” executive order.

Analyses of the recent fires in Hawaii are an extension of this climate rhetoric. In mere hours some proclaimed the “global warming/climate crisis” narrative as the cause of destruction and loss of life. In fact, “Green New Deal/sustainability” decisions on the part of the power company may be responsible – refusing to properly manage their infrastructure’s vegetation overgrowth, instead concentrating efforts and money buying solar panels from China and pursuing other energy alternatives.

In addition, “societal concerns” ran amok when Hawaii’s water resource leader, more interested in “water equity” for plants than allowing its use to protect property and lives in Lahaina, didn’t provide it to firefighters.

The ramifications of this climate con continue their threat through inflated gas prices at the pump as the supply is reduced and overall costs are increased. One should consider that virtually 72% of goods are delivered via trucks and around 28% by rail – both running on diesel fuel.

Raise the cost of fuel, you raise the cost of goods, which is passed on to the consumer as an onerous burden. Costs of fuel, as well as related fertilizers? Up for farmers 71% in ’22 over 2021 prices … again increasing costs of their products – food.

The bottom line: Make things expensive, create shortages and catastrophes, make fossil fuels look bad, show the need to reduce or eliminate their use … push an agenda.

EV enthusiasm is sliding as more reports show them as potentially dangerous, spontaneously exploding in garages. They also create high repair and maintenance costs and are less efficient than desired by the public, plus lack the required support infrastructure.

After losing $1,000,000,000 last quarter and projected $3,000,000,000 loss for the year, Ford recently reduced pricing due to lack of demand for their much touted EVs.

Ford CEO Jim Farley experienced his own real-life EV problems, and F-150 owner Dalbir Bala ditched his EV truck over charging troubles on a road trip and excessive repair bills.

Electric vehicles in hot environments can lose up to 30% of their driving distance at around 100 degrees. In the Arizona summer where we’ve recently had 51 days in excess of 110 and three days over 119, you stand to lose 40%-60% of your driving distance with an EV.

After billions being given to the EV industry, frontline EV bus manufacturer Proterra filed for bankruptcy, and we’ve all seen the exploding EV bus in the news.

This and the “Green New Deal” as part of the climate con are not working for America. Outlawing light bulbs, restricting appliances, pushing agendas isn’t what the public desires, as only about 7% of voters are concerned. On the other hand, higher-priced gasoline and cost of goods are major issues.

The second element, more subversive and diabolical, is based on decades of hidden agendas.

Some will dismiss these more devilish concepts as conspiratorial, yet policies to fulfill the elites’ desires, hiding in the shadows of progressive consciousness for decades, are finally being promoted throughout the world.

Real climate comportment has a much more threatening, more dangerous and quisling goal to meet the power-hungry elite’s agendas for exclusivity and their stranglehold on the world’s citizens.

The basis? “Antihumanism” [depopulation], found with Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) and the expansion of the Malthusian beliefs on population.

Our extensive interview with Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., brought us insight into this sordid foundation of the “climate crisis.” Its agenda is not lost in time but advanced in today’s world by extension of globalists, neocons and Marxists.

“Climate change” is ultimately NOT about fossil fuels and EV sales. Instead, it’s a means to an end, a diabolical and sinister objective of control for the benefit of the elite: depopulation.

Books have been written on this maliciousness. Space here doesn’t allow for in-depth exploration; however, the main points are evident and important to consider.

As Dr. Corsi explains: “The environmental movement blossomed at the end of World War II, led by activists determined to change our world.”

Harrison Brown, a scientist, worked on the Manhattan project. In 1954, he wrote “The Challenge of Man’s Future” stating there were “too many people and we’re going to use up all the resources of the Earth; that we were essentially squandering the future of the Earth because there’s not enough to go around.”

Another was Paul Ehrlich. In writing “The Population Bomb” in 1968, argued that the human population was too great. His view: “We can no longer afford to treat the symptoms of the cancer of population growth, the cancer itself must be cut. Population control’s the only answer.”

In today’s modern abortion mill, Planned Parenthood, you see Margaret Sanger’s selective, eugenics depopulation plan in action.

Obama appointee John Holdren voiced his population positions. In 1977 Dr. Holdren and his colleagues – yes, Paul and Anne Ehrlich – published the book “Ecoscience,” in which Holdren and his co-authors endorse the serious consideration of radical measures to reduce the human population.

To meet their goals of depopulation, they needed a hammer powerful enough to scare the public into action, and this was – CLIMATE CHANGE.

Ehrlich and Holdren focused on the climate, deciding that utilizing hydrocarbon fuels, which emitted carbon dioxide, was an empirical, dangerous greenhouse-gas environmental threat. It would cause the Earth to become either too cold or too warm. “We can force people to stop using hydrocarbon fuels.” (See it coming?)

They went so far as to say that people who “contribute to social deterioration can be required by law to exercise reproductive responsibility.”

Even the “Kissinger Report,” of Dec. 10, 1974, (once classified and known as National Security Study Memorandum 200), calls out the implications of worldwide population growth for U.S. security. Kissinger argues what Ehrlich maintained in 1968, that there are too many people, saying, “We’ve got to cap it.”

You don’t hear much of the U.N.’s Agenda 21 as it’s morphed into Agenda 2030. It digs deep into societies with intrusive, global aspirations with smaller “15 minute” towns, outlawing the sale of gas vehicles and taking away gas operated appliances. All for ultimate control?

When your life depends on a power source for travel, work, entertainment and living, you’re vulnerable to the whims of the person who controls the switch. And if he lives a better, freer life in the comfort of his lofty abode, separated from the serfs of the world, then he’s rewarded for his “protective, progressive thinking” of saving the world from greenhouse gas.

The con game being played out on Americans is not about cleaner air, eliminating natural disasters, or protecting society. It’s about control, total and absolute, over every aspect of one’s life, work and pleasures – even our mere existence on this planet.

Weather changes. Climate is fairly constant and not to be used as a battering ram for social change or political maneuvering. The Earth has been hotter and cooler, and will continually change in the future, but man’s attempt to control it? Insignificant efforts.

Seeing this government con game for what it is will allow people to understand relevant and untainted information. A resource for this factual accounting, and more, is found in Dr. Corsi’s latest book: “The Truth About Energy, Global Warming, and Climate Change: Exposing Climate Lies in an Age of Disinformation.”

I like my car, a fireplace and my steak medium well. We should find ways to maintain our lives while preserving a clean and green planet – but not by killing off our fellow man.

The existential threat is not climate change. It’s the climate con.

Ron Boat has been writing national and international corporate marketing and training programs since 1975. In 2011 he was asked to write for No. 1 blogs and leading online publications. He interviews top military, political, and business leaders adding facts and timely commentary, without the rhetoric of political bias. He trusts that facts matter, and that truthful expression is paramount for a free America.@PatriotRon on CloutHub & Gab.

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