Wealthy Hollywood celeb urges climate extremists to inconvenience regular people

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By Nick Pope
Daily Caller News Foundation

Hollywood star Jeremy Strong praised an organization that funds disruptive climate activism during a Thursday Zoom call and pledged more money to fund its future activities, E&E News reported.

Strong, who starred in HBO’s “Succession,” delivered remarks to donors of the Climate Emergency Fund (CEF), a California-based nonprofit that shells out millions of grant dollars to scores of organizations around the world that engage in disruptive, sometimes illegal, climate activism that often inconveniences ordinary people, according to E&E News. Strong called the activists “incredible,” despite their penchant for blocking roads during rush hour, interrupting major sporting events, attempting to deface priceless pieces of art and other disruptive actions.

“For the next brief amount of time, it’s not too late,” Strong told the call’s participants, according to E&E News. “So there is still time for us to take action and do something.”

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One prominent group operating under CEF’s umbrella is U.K.-based Just Stop Oil, which has angered British citizens with its antics that a counter-protest group, called “Just Stop Pissing Everyone Off,” has formed to get in their way. In the U.S., CEF-backed Climate Defiance has made headlines for its actions targeting political officials like Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm for not doing enough to advance the green agenda.

The U.S. remains “the largest producer of oil and gas in the world, and we are expanding currently our fossil fuel infrastructure,” Strong said on the call, according to E&E News. “Our president has not declared a climate emergency.”

Strong is thought to be worth $6 million, according to Cosmopolitan. He is listed as a donor to CEF in the organization’s 2022 annual report, and he made a new commitment Thursday to donate an undisclosed sum to the organization, E&E News reported.

Strong is one of several wealthy- American liberals that have given money to CEF. Other notable donors include Hillary Clinton’s Onward Together Foundation, Hollywood writer Adam McKay and an attorney who formerly worked for disgraced sexual predator Harvey Weinstein, according to CEF’s 2022 annual report.

“As the climate emergency accelerates, ordinary people are becoming activists and doing extraordinary things to protect humanity and the living world. We need to have their backs,” Margaret Klein Salamon, CEF’s executive director, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “They are heroes, and we are so proud to stand with Jeremy Strong in support of them.”

CEF personnel also discussed their plans to mobilize a large, “direct action”-style protest on Sept. 17, three days before delegates of the United Nations meet for a climate change summit, E&E News reported. The organization reportedly hopes to mobilize as many as 50,000 protesters for its march against fossil fuels.

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The organizers say that they have a protest planned for Sept. 18, and that they also will launch several smaller-scale protest actions in the days before the march, according to E&E News.

“I plan to be there in September, and I hope that you guys on this call can be there as well and can help support these incredible activists, financially — in any way that you can,” Strong said during the call, according to E&E News.

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