COVID skeptic Dr. David Martin: WHO is a ‘criminal cartel’

By WND Staff

(Photo by Joe Kovacs)
(Photo by Joe Kovacs)

If the old saying that taking flak means you’re over the target, there must be something in what COVID-19 skeptic Dr. David Martin is explaining.

Multiple websites and commentators have been attacking his views that the pandemic wasn’t really a health emergency at all – it was a scheme to train people of the world to accept what the “experts” insisted they believe.

In a video posted by the Liberty Daily, Martin is blunt.

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He charges that the World Health Organization, to him a “criminal cartel,” orchestrated COVID to “subordinate the human population for the purpose of their sinister plans to enrich themselves by impoverishing and killing the rest of humanity.”

His comments have drawn scorn from a number of fact “checking” sites and organizations, with some accusing him of misrepresenting the facts of the scourge that killed millions around the globe after apparently escaping from a Chinese lab.

Martin explained that a giveaway in the leftist ideology was the fact that those experts were discussing what would be an “acceptable death rate.”

He said he would not sugarcoat his conclusions.

“This is a criminal cartel. We are acting as though there is some sort of redeemable quality…” that the WHO has some benefit.

But he said since its formation, WHO is “nothing more than a criminal cartel that has a sole and singular intent …” of controlling people and the population.”

He said the organization plans its operations, funds them, creates the rationale that they are going to use, and then they profit from it.

He said the pandemic actually never was a “public health anything.” He described it as racketeering scheme for the purpose of instilling the ability to control the behavior of the population.

In fact, governments around the globe, and especially in the United States, simply decided which people had what constitutional rights during the pandemic, depriving entire groups of people of their ability to run their own lives at times.

For example, governors widely banned church congregations from meeting, while the proof now shows that such social distancing probably had little, if any, impact.

He said the details about the pandemic also were misleading. For example, he asks why life insurance companies, during COVID-19, paid out $30 billion less in benefits that before.

And he cited the hundreds of billions of dollars that drug companies took in during that time period.

“We did not have a pandemic, we had genocide,” he said. “We need to call it what it is.”

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