What if we excused other crimes the way we do election fraud?

By Rachel Alexander

The left and its comrades in the MSM and judiciary have been dismissing all evidence of significant election fraud, coming up with excuse after excuse to justify every single anomaly, even though there are hundreds of them. Despite the fact the anomalies in 2020 and 2022 all went against Republicans, favoring Democrats, which violates the law of large numbers, they still threw out all kinds of unbelievable excuses.

Let’s look at how these kinds of strange abberations would be treated in other illegal and criminal activity. Can’t find tens of thousands of chain-of-custody records or deleted server logs? Let’s compare that to the medical industry, which is somewhat similar since medical records are treated very securely, like elections. If you lose or delete medical records, it’s considered medical negligence, and doctors have lost their licenses to practice medicine for doing so.

How about taxes? If you are audited by the IRS and tell them you have no receipts or records for the last few years, so agents just need to believe you, you won’t be allowed to get away with it. Same with insurance claims; in order to collect reimbursement for a loss, you can’t just state you lost or damaged the item; you’re required to show evidence of it.

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In the banking industry, employees are fired and can be prosecuted if the numbers merely seem off. As with cashiers at stores, there is a typical amount of money expected to come in every day. If that number starts coming in low, security measures like cameras and keystroking devices are put in place to try and discover the theft.

In contrast, we are seeing the opposite in elections. Runbeck Election Systems, the private contractor hired by Maricopa County to assist with processing ballots, is fighting tooth and nail in court to prevent its video surveillance of ballots being dropped off and sent back out from being released. During the motion to dismiss hearing last week, Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer thought it was acceptable to argue with a straight face that it would take too many resources to fulfill public records requests like that. Runbeck lost chain-of-custody records on tens of thousands of ballots, and 22,000 ballots that showed up at Runbeck cannot be accounted for.

The law of large numbers is violated when all the anomalies harm Republicans. A team of experts put together a report on the large vote dumps in states suspected of election fraud that occurred the night of the 2020 election, batches of 25,000 or more net votes for Joe Biden. There were 26 dumps in 14 states. Pennsylvania had four. I’m no statistician, but this seems next to impossible odds.

If a cashier came up 26 times with less money in the till than expected, but never with more money than expected in the till, it would not be dismissed as a coincidence. The cashier would be fired and prosecuted.

When you file a pleading with the court, you are required to sign your name on it or it will not be accepted. Many pleadings require a notarized affidavit, where a notary must compare your signature to your driver’s license signature. On the other hand, in the 2020 and 2022 elections, unmatching or missing signatures accompanying mail-in ballots were often ignored. IT expert Garland Favorito testified that Fulton County in Georgia did not conduct any signature verification whatsoever in the 2020 election. A forensic expert in document and handwriting analysis testified that Maricopa County compared tens of thousands of signatures in 3 seconds or less, which was impossible.

Favorito also found counterfeit ballots; mail-in ballots in Fulton County that weren’t folded even though they must be mailed to voters, were filled out electronically instead of with a regular pen, did not have the correct paper stock, and dozens of ballots in a row were voted the same way. In contrast, the penalty for using counterfeit money is up to 20 years in prison.

Maricopa County mostly ignored four letters from the Arizona Attorney General’s Office demanding data and equipment from the 2020 election – whereas if law enforcement asks someone to examine something of theirs to determine whether a crime was committed, noncompliance results in an arrest and usually prosecution.

Election fraud never gets prosecuted because the judges find technical excuses not to hear the cases. And even though prior to 2020, elections were often overturned due to merely a handful of lesser statutory violations, not fraud, the left and MSM have successfully convinced people that fraud must be proven. Fraud is extremely difficult to prove since the standard is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Since election officials thwart efforts to improve security measures, it’s easy for the fraudsters to escape detection. In reality, hundreds of thousands of class 2 misdemeanors, which occurred in Kari Lake’s 2022 gubernatorial race, were always sufficient to overturn an election … until now.

The patriotic attorneys who dare to file lawsuits challenging election corruption are targeted with bar complaints. The 65 Project was started to go after the attorneys who filed 65 lawsuits challenging the 2020 election results. John Eastman, arguably the top constitutional legal scholar in the country, is currently undergoing a disbarment trial for advising Trump that Vice President Mike Pence had the option of rejecting or delaying certification of electoral slates from states suspected of election fraud.

Can you imagine attorneys being targeted for trying to stop corruption in other areas of life? What if the #MeToo attorneys were disbarred? How about the prosecutors who are going after Hunter Biden and Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J.? Election corruption is often compared to racketeering; can you imagine if attorneys were disbarred for going after the cartels and Mafia for racketeering?

Next time you find yourself in a testy situation involving the law in one of these other areas, just point to how election corruption is treated as a precedent to get off the hook. Bet it doesn’t work.


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