Ted Cruz demolishes Janet Yellen’s absurd claim about Biden economy

By Bob Unruh

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas (Video screenshot)
U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas (Video screenshot)

Joe Biden’s Treasury secretary, Janet Yellen, has had some startling things to say about the economy.

“I don’t see any signs that the economy is at risk of a downturn,” she claimed on social media. “And this is the best of all worlds.”

Actually, inflation under Joe Biden has surged beyond the 9% mark already, holding at well above 3% even after months of slight declines. That alone has cost American consumers thousands of dollars a year more than when President Trump was in office.

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Polls show 76% of respondents blame Biden for a worse economy now than before he took office and studies show consumers are looking for second jobs.

Hitting especially hard are the prices of gasoline for workers to commute. And Yellen even tried to claim that was of concern to Biden.

But researcher pointed out gas was $2.39 a gallon when Biden took office and today is $3.88. In fact, gasoline has surged to as high as $6 a gallon at times under Biden’s leadership.

Biden launched a literal war on America’s energy when he took office, closing off exploration opportunities, shutting down pipelines, ending drilling and production and more.

And Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, had a reply to Yellen, and Biden.

“It Joe Biden were serious about reducing gas prices, he’d reopen federal lands for energy development,” he said.

In fact, under President Trump, America was energy independent and actually exporting products. Biden quickly reversed that when he took office and now the nation is dependent on sometimes-unfriendly nations for its energy supplies.

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