Late-term abortionist compares people to ‘cancer’

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Breast cancer cells
Breast cancer cells

[Editor’s note: This story originally was published by Live Action News.]

By Bettina di Fiore
Live Action News

Warren Hern is a self-described “late term abortion specialist” — even as abortion industry stalwarts like Planned Parenthood claim that “late-term abortion” is a meaningless phrase made up by pro-lifers just to confuse people. But more interesting is the fact that, unlike many abortionists who claim their motivation is to ‘help women,’ Hern seems to actually hate human beings and their very existence. And he’s not ashamed to say it.

Hern, a founding member of the National Abortion Federation, is a population control enthusiast who has long claimed that “humankind is a global cancer,” but now he has published a book expounding upon that misanthropic hypothesis, titled, “Homo Ecophagus: A Deep Diagnosis to Save the Earth.” The term Homo ecophagus” means “the man who devours the ecosystem.”

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Several of Hern’s other writings published to his website include titles along the theme of viewing mankind as a planetary cancer, such as: “How many times has the human population doubled? Comparisons with cancer,” “Humankind is like a global cancer,” “Is human culture carcinogenic for uncontrolled population growth and ecological destruction?,” and “Urban Malignancy – Similarity in the fractal dimensions of urban morphology and malignant neoplasms.” He writes in one essay:

Cancers spread by two means: extensive invasion and by metastasis, or distant colonization. Human communities, once established, tend to invade and destroy all adjacent ecosystems without limits. Because of prior limitations of technology and sheer population size, and because of cultural traditions that respected natural ecosystems, this was not always so, but it appears now to be occurring routinely.

There is no ecosystem on the planet that is not already destroyed, invaded, or immediately threatened in some manner by the human species….

It should be quite clear based on his own writings that Hern’s actions in committing abortions are not motivated by any sort of desire to help or empower human beings but instead in a desire to rid the world of them, because he views them as a blight on the planet.

Nonetheless, Salon used the occasion of Hern’s book release as an opportunity to publish a fawning interview with him. The article’s author, Troy Farah, describes Hern as “a Colorado-based physician” (actual physicians preserve life – Hern destroys it) without ever noting that he is, in fact, an abortionist by trade — he specializes in it, by his own words.

The article contains a lot of alarmist rhetoric about so-called climate change, and how humans are basically ruining everything. “Climatologists and scientists have been sounding the alarm for decades: Global temperatures and planetary homeostasis are spiraling out of control, and we’re to blame,” writes Farah, who appears to share Hern’s philosophies about humanity.

But like the fact of Hern’s actual occupation, the author fails to note that the substance of the alarms over the past 50+ years has changed radically over time, and that virtually all of the doomsday predictions have failed to materialize. What’s more, a growing number of scientists deny the existence of any climate emergency whatsoever.

But that doesn’t stop Hern from claiming that human cultural adaptations, including “language and speech and mathematics” as well as “constructing shelters … and having medical care” are “malignant maladaptations” that “do not have survival value.”

This is ironic, since his version of medicine has no “survival value” – indeed, if survival occurs after one of Hern’s abortion procedures, it is deemed a failure.


Hern also claims that “we have a violent fascist movement that occupies the attention of at least a third, if not more, of the population” in the United States. Again, ironic, since violence against humans in the womb is his profession.

Hern, who has been described as “rude,” “paranoid,” “impatient,” and even “aggressive” by his own clients, shows little concern for or self-awareness about the violence he commits, but given his bizarre opinion of human beings, this is not surprising. After all, in his mind, he is not killing a person, but rather excising a cancer.

[Editor’s note: This story originally was published by Live Action News.]

IMPORTANT NOTE TO WND READERS: Believe it or not, today’s high priests of climate-change apocalypse are correct in predicting that in just a few short years, the earth will become miserable, wretched and almost uninhabitable by human beings. But the grim future they envision won’t come about because of “catastrophic climate change,” but rather, because of the implementation of their completely insane and truly catastrophic agenda.

As Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore recently admitted, “If they actually achieve Net Zero, at least 50% of the population would die of hunger and disease.” Likewise, writes energy expert and author Alex Epstein: “Today’s proposed policies to rapidly eliminate fossil fuel use would, if fully implemented, have truly apocalyptic consequences – making the world an impoverished, dangerous, and miserable place for most people.”

Question: When the scientific case for global warming apocalypse consists primarily of a 1-degree Celsius rise in temperature over more than 130 years, what explains the obsession with an imminent, climate-caused end of the world?

Although many groups have been drawn into the Climate Change Cult – from the news media (which has warned of climate catastrophe, either global warming or a “new ice age,” for over a century!), to innocent school kids indoctrinated by hysterical leftist teachers, to liberal Democrats who claim “climate change” will destroy the earth in a few years – the REAL villains are the national and global elites who KNOW the apocalyptic global warming religion is just a cruel hoax, but promote and exploit it as a means of accomplishing their ultimate goal: Transforming and ruling the world.

The heart and soul of today’s bizarre, pagan climate-change religion, and the global elites’ strategies for using it to rule all of mankind, is powerfully exposed and illuminated in the September issue of WND’s critically acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine, an issue titled “CULT OF THE CLIMATE APOCALYPSE: The elites’ breathtaking strategy for ruling the world.” WHISTLEBLOWER is available in both the popular print edition and a state-of-the-art digital version, either single issues or discounted annual subscriptions.


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