WATCH: Toddler bravely grabs the mic, performs national anthem in front of 6,000 sports fans

By Around the Web

Three-year-old Drake Grillo sings national anthem (video screenshot)
Three-year-old Drake Grillo sings national anthem (video screenshot)

(PATRIOT TRUTHS) – There are some children who seem destined to be stars. Even at a very young age – they have the courage and talent to entertain huge crowds.

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One three-year-old performed the national anthem with no problem, becoming the youngest person to ever sing it in New York’s Carrier Dome stadium. The national anthem has never been so adorable. Just wait until you see this toddler nail the classic song to open up one of the Syracuse Women’s basketball games.

Three-year-old Drake Grillo is a little cutie pie who was born for the spotlight. It’s hard to believe a three-year-old could even memorize the “Star-Spangled Banner,” let alone sing it for a live audience of over 6,000 people. Drake Grillo isn’t just any toddler though – watch as he bravely takes on the song and blows the audience away.

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