Obama is culpable

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Dear Betsy McCaughey:

You are 1000% right about the U.N. [“The U.N. is useless: Time to dump it”]

I said years ago that the Marxist and terrorist Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama, brainwashed and indoctrinated the United Nations to be against Israel and sympatethic to terrorists.

Beginning in 2008, I saw this happened under the watch of “president” Obama.

He hates Israel as much as Iran does.

No surprise over the U.N.’s behavior.


Worthless Ronna

Star Parker, Ronna McDaniel is worthless! [“Ronna McDaniel is doing her job”]

Nothing matters if nationwide voter fraud is happening and Ronna will NOT take a stand against it. Trump won and we all know it!

The GOP should be pushed to take a stand on the whole January 6 incident. All are in jail because of the modern-day gestapo – the FBI! The whole Republican Party is worthless, and if a leader cannot take a stand for truth, she is no good!

For crying out loud, our nation is engulfed in communism and Ronna stands with her head up her a%#!

Ken L.

An oddity

We are at an odd place in Christian history when the words “Christ is King” is a signal that mean something anti-Jewish [“What did Candace Owens mean by ‘Christ is King’?”].

News flash: Jesus was(is) a Jew. How can elevating him be anti-Jewish or anti-Christian? Though leftist, atheist Jews are pretty loathsome (George Soros), Messianic Jews are Divine messengers, and religious Jews are sincere seekers of God by shadows of things to come.

Is Jesus the name that divides even believers, or is the dividing just by the “strainers of gnats”?

Tom Kyser

Strap on a rifle, Senator

Sen. Lindsey Graham is a coward, but at least a consistent coward. Graham has called for sending America’s military (our young men and women) into one hot spot after another, year after year. I’ve said all along, “Send Lindsey Graham first!” Let that pervert experience live-fire coming his way. Then I’ll bet he becomes a rabid peacenik.

Leonard Schmidt

Arrest the congresswoman

It is a felony under federal law to intentionally “solicit, command, induce, or otherwise endeavor to persuade” another person to engage in a crime of violence against a person or property. 18 U.S.C. § 373. Many states have similar laws.

So … why is Rep. Rashida Tlaib still walking the streets?

Pera Udom

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