Nightmare before Christmas: Parents of conservative influencer ‘swatted’

By Joe Kovacs

(Photo by Norbu GYACHUNG on Unsplash)
(Photo by Norbu GYACHUNG on Unsplash)

The parents of popular conservative influencer Jack Posobiec were “swatted” Saturday, just a day before Christmas Eve, with someone falsely telling authorities the commentator had shot his parents and was also threatening to shoot his own family.

Swatting is when someone makes a false report of an ongoing serious crime in order to elicit a response from law enforcement, such as the dispatch of a SWAT unit.

Posobiec, who is a senior editor at Human Events and host of a daily talk show on “Real America’s Voice,” provided some details on X, formerly Twitter.

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“My parents were just Swatted,” he began.

“Everyone is fine. Law enforcement are fully involved and tracking down the perpetrator.

“They told police that I had shot my parents and was threatening to shoot my family.”

Later Saturday evening, Posobiec, who is Catholic, thanked people for their concern, and warned the perpetrators:

“Thanks to everyone who reached out this evening. I understand others are going through this as well tonight. Law enforcement is fully involved.

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“Going after family members like this, at Christmas, is not going over well. Expect a response.”

Other conservatives took note of Posobiec’s plight, including U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., who herself has been a victim of swatting on numerous occasions.

“I’m glad your family is safe,” Greene told Posobiec.

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga. (Video screenshot)
U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga. (Video screenshot)

“I’ve been swatted 7 times. It’s extremely serious and they want you killed by police who think they are responding to something awful as you described.”

“These people are evil. They need the joy of the birth of Christ and know him as their savior.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton tweeted: “I’m so sorry. Praying they find these people. The left and the uniparty are terrible. Political persecution is real. So sorry, Jack.”

Others following the event noted:

“The left wants us dead, and they’re unrelenting in their pursuit. The 2024 election is a little over 10 months away. I can’t imagine how much worse it’’ going to get for major political pundits and influencers like you, Jack.”

“Hope they’re caught swiftly and brought to justice. It’s no laughing matter and people have died from swatting.”

“This is disgusting … I hope they find whoever did this and charge them with Attempted murder … They can’t get to you directly so they’re attempting to injure/murder your family to hurt you … Anyone who Swats someone else should face Life in prison without parole.”

“No coincidence it’s right before Christmas. The terror is the point. So thankful to hear everyone is OK.”

The swatting incident took place just one day after Mediaite published a hit piece about Posobiec and Timcast host Tim Pool, who in recent years has also been swatted.

Mediaite’s headline was: POLL: Republicans don’t know or trust far-right influencers like Jack Posobiec and Tim Pool.”

The Post Millennial noted that story backfired, with its own report titled: “Never Back Down smear of Jack Posobiec and Tim Pool BACKFIRES, poll finds they reach 100M Americans.”

Posobiec said of the poll: “NeverBackDown (window-lickers) is so triggered at me they ran a poll saying I have no influence. So little influence you’re torching the little money you have left to raise my name ID. Thanks for the free rent!”

Tim Pool said, “The poll actually makes me feel famous. Who are they trying to convince that Jack and I have no influence? Total window licker move. These people are retarded.”

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