Cold kills city’s electric bus fleet … mandated by ‘global warming’

By Bob Unruh


Scandinavia in recent days has experienced a blast of cold weather like few in recent years. The temperature fell to minus 40 degrees Celsius, which coincidentally is about the same minus 40 on the Fahrenheit scale, a reading not seen regularly even in cold-weather climes like Montana and North Dakota.

Turns out they could use a bit of “global warming” to keep their fleet of electric buses out of the garage.

A Substack report said officials in “the city of Skellefteå where they ‘only’ had -34C this morning, have been investing in electric buses, to save the climate of course! Their goal is to replace all diesel buses with electric as soon as possible.”

But the city was canceling its buses routes “because of the cold weather – the buses have to be parked indoors to warm up. They say that the electric buses are struggling to keep warm in the cold weather.”

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The report noted Marie Larsson, chief of the city’s bus operations, explained, “The electric buses will probably be removed from traffic this afternoon because they have very difficult to keep warm when in service…It is clear that the electric buses are affected the most of this extreme cold.”

Asked if diesel buses can manage, she said they could, but pointed out that if such weather conditions continue for long, all transportation is affected.

The report said, “So it is too cold for the new electric buses. They invest all this time and money into something that doesn’t work because of the weather. Of course, the electric buses use their battery to heat the cabin, meaning that the range is drastically shortened. Is this the real issue here?

“Maybe we need some more global warming so that these electric buses can work properly…?” the report said.

ABC reported snowstorms also were disrupting traffic across the countryside, and Sweden’s town of Kvikkjokk-Årrenjarka had minus 43.6 C (minus 46.5 F), the lowest January reading in Sweden in 25 years.

The report said, “Police across most of Denmark urged motorists to avoid unnecessary trips as wind and snow battered the northern and western parts of the country.”

In nearby countries, winds and flooding were aggravating cold conditions.

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