EVs cause MORE pollution than gasoline engines? Study says yes!

By Bob Unruh

(Image by Nerijus jakimavičius from Pixabay)

Joe Biden’s agenda for American consumers includes those “zero-emission vehicles.” Electric cars. He wants to force two-thirds of new vehicles in America to be all-electric by 2032.

But they’re not “zero-emissions,” and in some ways actually cause more environmental damage that gas-powered vehicles, suggests a study.

The emission problems come on top of already known problems with EVs, such as that they are destroying America’s auto industry, they often go very short distances before recharging is required, especially in colder locations like Montana, Minnesota, and such. They are more dangerous in accidents because of the massive weight of their batteries.

They even pose a threat to parking garages as those structures were not engineered to support the additional weight of hundreds of much-heavier vehicles.

But the pollution they emit now is a factor, too.

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The Washington Examiner noted the results are from a study by Emission Analytics.

It was done in 2022 “but resurfaced in a Wall Street Journal op-ed on Sunday, [that] indicated that tires and brakes on electric vehicles release 1,850 times more particle pollution than modern tailpipes, which use exhaust filters.”

The explanation for the cause of concern?

“Electric vehicles are often heavier than regular gas-powered cars due to the weight of their engines, which can reach 1,850 pounds. The heavier engines place extra weight on the tires and cause them to wear out faster, according to the study. A 1,100-pound engine can cause more than 400 times the emissions as direct exhaust emissions,” the report said.

And because of cleaner fuels, cleaner engines and such, “Particle pollution from tires is the biggest contributor to vehicle-related emissions.”

The Examiner noted the reality of EVs and their pollution “throws a kink” in Biden’s claims that EVs are “zero emission” cars.

According to the New York Post, the original study concluded as heavier cars drive on light-duty tires, often made with synthetic rubbers from crude oil, they deteriorate and release harmful chemicals into the air.

On average, EVs are 30% heavier that gas-powered cars, so brakes and tires take a beating.

It explained the study confirmed “tire wear emissions on half a metric tonne of battery weight in an EV are more than 400 times as great as direct exhaust particulate emissions.”

And while that weight actually is about 1,100 pounds, the battery in a Tesla Model Y, the most popular EV in the U.S., weighs in at 1,836 pounds.

Nick Molden, of Emissions Analytics, explained to the Post, “You have a tradeoff. At the moment, the political agenda is very strong towards climate change reduction. EVs do deliver about a 50% reduction in CO2 — that [affects] climate change.”

However, he said, “You have this downside of EVs that increases particle pollution. Air pollution is about what we breathe and the health effects.”

Tires, the report said, “are made up of a lot of nasty chemicals” that can boost the danger of health problems like heart attacks, asthma, low birth weight and more.

Officials in EV-promoting California suggested automakers could “offset” a half a ton of battery by cutting the weight of other parts of the car, the report said.

“Though the agency didn’t specify how.”

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