The Narrative is not the Truth: My swan-song column

By Craige McMillan

Editor’s note: Today WND publishes Craige McMillan’s last weekly column. Other than WND founder Joseph Farah, Craige has been a “regular” here longer than anyone else, having written commentary since February 1998. The following is his 1,232nd exclusive WND column. The editors at WND appreciate Craige’s insights, dedication and loyalty spanning more than 26 years and wish him well. Here is Craige McMillan’s column archive.

It’s been a nice run, writing columns for WorldNetDaily. I still remember when Joseph Farah and I were each trying to start our own commercial news websites: He chose advertising supported, and I chose subscription-based.

His approach is the one that won out, even though both are still in existence today. The media world of today is quite different for all of the independent news sites now on the web. Sharing our truth with the rest of the world still seems to be an important human desire. Whoever would have imagined ordinary people sharing how they view the world with others could affect the reality landscape to the extent that it has?

Governments are also heavily involved in controlling the news that reaches their citizens, and the citizens of other nations as well. And we had better include wannabe governments, too. Disinformation can destroy governments and replace them with another. We are in the midst of a massive disinformation war right now. I’m glad there are people on our side who specialize in that; at the same time I’m glad that I’m not one of them. Sometimes God saves us from things we don’t even know until much later in life were a real danger to us.

It’s not that I’m abandoning the battlefield; just that I have slowly found out that Truth can actually be conveyed more effectively through the world of fiction, rather than reality. I’m not talking about he said/she said style books; rather worlds that writers create along with the people who inhabit them. Sometimes it is more effective to show people than to tell them. Fiction is powerful because once we see something happen, even in a book, it becomes more real to us than a news narrative explaining what happened and why we should believe it. Maybe that’s why modern education has gravitated away from the traditionally great books. Modern education has been indoctrination for a long time.

Always remember, the Narrative is not the Truth. Even your enemies don’t believe the Narrative – they just want you to believe it. It will take both natural knowledge and spiritual knowledge to pick out the gems of truth in today’s world. Adam and Eve lost everything because they believed the devil’s lies over the God’s Truth. Perhaps we do well if we can simply not repeat their mistake in today’s world.

God bless, and Godspeed.

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