14 things you can expect if Biden wins reelection

By Larry Tomczak

The Bible tells us, “We see through a glass dimly” (1 Corinthians 13:12), so sharing predictions is not an exact science. We know that past performance can be a fairly reliable predictor of future behavior, so with two presidential debates, let’s follow Jesus’ instructions to “Judge with righteous judgment” (John 7:24). Our approach isn’t personal or prejudicial but proceeding from policies and their results.

Today I heard the progressive-left Democratic Party unleashed $40 million of attack ads for the upcoming presidential debate and election. Former President Trump is portrayed as a convicted criminal, felon and would-be dictator destroying democracy, while Joe Biden supports working people, the betterment of this country plus reducing medical costs.

What is the truth? America is in steep decline, so we’d better pay close attention. Our very survival is hanging in the balance. This is a fact.

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Recently Democrats held a glitzy fundraiser in L.A. with Barack Obama and celebrity A-listers like George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Jimmy Kimmel. They raised a record $30 million to run such campaign ads across America.

People ask why Hollywood celebrities overwhelmingly support Democrats, their progressive policies and donate huge amounts of money to their campaigns when the country is suffering horribly with their leftist leaders trying to bring about the “fundamental transformation of America” Obama pledged.

The answer is simple.

They’re not really affected by the policies! Multitudes dying; sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of children; untold lives destroyed from rampant cartel driven drugs (100,000 annually from fentanyl), stemming from our three and a half year “open border” tsunami of “asylum seekers” – yet Hollywood is strangely silent.

Rising grocery prices, don’t impact them; gas prices don’t affect them; they’re not hurt by crime, living in gated communities with security systems and bodyguards; increased taxes are not a concern with their abundant wealth; plus rent, restaurant and recreation costs don’t pose a problem for the elite enjoying the “lifestyles of the rich and famous.”

They live insulated lives in Hollywood’s bubble and associate with those in an “echo chamber” where few identify with Christianity, attend church or embrace biblical principles that are deemed “restrictive and unbelievably outdated.”

What lies ahead for us regular folks? Let’s objectively start with what to expect if Biden is reelected, “with the gloves off” since he’ll never run again and radical activists can “pull out all the stops!”

14 things we can expect

  • Uncertain and tepid support for Israel with continuing push for the already tried “Two State Solution,” which was an abysmal failure. President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken seemingly put Hamas and Israel on an equal platform, while one is a terrorist group and one our partner for 75 years.
  • Billions in aid to help Ukraine regain their borders and protect the people and national security.
  • Continuation of open borders for illegal immigrants (with taxpayer-funded medical care, food, transport, residence and education) towards the goal of “amnesty for all,” plus “chain migration” for more immigrants, Democrat votes and dismantling the “white patriarchal system of our inherently racist society” as the progressive left maintains.
  • Escalating social disorder due to leniency; appointing leftist judges and prosecutors; removal of bail; release of inmates; reduction of sentences; minimizing prosecutions; decriminalizing drugs; plus, emphasizing “victimhood” of lawbreakers with more “compassionate and therapeutic” alternatives.
  • Continuing push for “equity” (favoritism based on skin color for admissions, scholarships, promotions and salaries) in institutions, schools, business and military.
  • Ongoing promotion and celebration of the LGBTQ agenda and “trans movement”; government sponsored “gender-affirming care” (surgical mutilation of children and teens); and transgender policies in schools, girls sports and locker rooms.
  • Unfettered taxpayer-funded abortion until the moment of birth (and beyond); distribution of abortion pills as a “reproductive right”; and advancement of these in other nations.
  • Higher taxes on energy, milage and wealth along with the pledged corporate income tax raised to 28%.
  • Continued federal spending (justified by the “climate change crisis”), increasing the federal debt from an unsustainable $35 trillion to a breaking point requiring greater government control and socialist policies.
  • Highlighting new “woke” culture initiatives destabilizing the traditional family and honoring BLM’s stated objective of replacing the nuclear family.
  • Continuation of fentanyl and drug-related deaths due to open border and almost carte blanche cartel activity.
  • Increased threat of a terrorist attack due to our porous border, sleeper cell activity, perceived leadership weaknesses and declining enlistments for Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force. FBI Director Christopher Wray warned of the “elevated terrorist threat now at the highest level he’s ever seen” when he testified on Homeland Security before a congressional hearing (Nov. 15, 2023).
  • Continued filling of judiciary appointments with leftist judges and George Soros-funded prosecutors engaging in unconstitutional activity and corrupt “lawfare” schemes to silence political opponents.
  • The real (no longer remote) possibility of needing to invoke the 25th Amendment (if a president’s physical and mental deterioration hinders duties) to replace him with the vice president. In this instance, we would inaugurate Kamala Harris as the 47th president of the United States.

Here’s the deal: “What can we expect if Donald Trump becomes only the second person to regain the presidency after being out of office?” It’s simple. Everything he promised and delivered during his first term in office to “Make America Great Again,” he’s pledging he’ll do it again if he’s given the chance. Think back to how in spite of all the resistance he endured he made good on his promises. This time he’s got even more of the “eye of the tiger.”

Watch the debate Thursday evening and pray God will guide us with the right person for the most consequential election in America’s history. And let me state emphatically my faith is NOT in any political candidate to “turn things around” for America. Even with reservations and questions, we’ve got two choices while our priority is proclaiming the Gospel and truth to preserve the republic of our God-inspired Founding Fathers.


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