‘Abolish the family’ advocate claims biological families are biggest sexual threat to children

By Around the Web

(LIVE ACTION) – Dr. Sophie Lewis, the author of “Abolish the Family: A Manifesto for Care,” as well as “Liberation and Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against Family,” recently made the bold and erroneous claim during an interview that the nuclear family is the greatest threat to children’s sexual innocence.

Lewis, who also once penned an op-ed for The Nation titled “Abortion involves killing — and that’s ok!” in which she justified mothers murdering their born children as “necessary violence,” argued that the desire to protect children’s sexual innocence is nothing more than a conservative moral panic.

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“The fear that comes with the suggestion of sort of, you know, sexual threat to children, a weaponization of the sexual innocence of the child, is something that back then in the early 80s and still today we do not have a brave, united, kind of left response to, right?” she said. “So when someone gets called a groomer in this weaponized, organized way — the template for which was laid by Anita Bryant in the 80s of the sort of Reaganite campaign of sort of organized homophobia and sort of Christian Evangelical capitalism on steroids, you know, yeah — we lose an enormous amount of movement memory about where the location of sexual violence actually is in the world, right, and in the fabric of capsular social reproduction where the threat to children actually is is the private patriarchal immediate household, right? And when we set up capitulate the sorts of moves that make a kind of threat and a social, you know, terror out of the figure of the queer, we throw out an indispensable component of utopian wisdom.”

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