Actor breaks silence years after allegedly admitting to being ‘100% a cannibal’

By Around the Web

(Image by KCB1805 from Pixabay)

(FOX NEWS) — Embattled actor Armie Hammer is breaking his silence years after alarming allegations of sexual abuse and cannibalism were made by several women, ultimately stalling his once successful career.

“In my case it was an ego death, a career death,” Hammer said of the turbulent cancellation he experienced in 2021 while making an appearance on the “Painful Lessons” podcast.

Citing writer Joseph Campbell’s work, “The Hero’s Journey,” Hammer explained that “the hero,” (which he isn’t calling himself) “must die, so the hero can be born again. If you don’t experience these deaths, you’re gonna just keep going with whatever that life is. But if you can access the idea of death as a transitory phase, into the next part of your life, then you end up being grateful for all of these little micro-deaths,” he explained.

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