Biden gags his foreign enemies, just like his domestic ones

By Richard Blakley

Not invited to the June 15-16 Switzerland “Ukrainian peace summit,” Russia and Belarus were also refused required visas to participate in the upcoming OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Romania, June 29-July 3. TASS, the Russian News Agency, reported both Russia and Belarus consider these refusals as being “connected with the fear of having an open dialogue.” These refusals essentially put Russia under a gag order, while other nations spew their narratives.

Where else have we observed this strategy? Oh yes, the fraudulent Donald Trump trials. Joe Biden’s Justice Department put Trump under a gag order while MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, etc. were all allowed to spew their venomous narratives unopposed, all reading from the same script, with Trump not being allowed to even address what’s being said. Mainstream media’s narrative about “34 felony counts” conveniently forgot to explain this was a single supposed “felony” count, repeated 34 times, consisting of payments to a lawyer, labeled “legal expenses,” that somehow made this a felony. Obviously, an unethical gag order was needed somewhere to accomplish this.

Likewise, Russia is being gagged from world summits. Perhaps Biden wouldn’t want discussions concerning the CIA and Biden’s involvement in the 2014 flipping of Ukraine’s government, or the CIA’s continued involvement in Ukraine, which actually started in the 1940s, or the U.S./Ukrainian biolabs, or Ukraine’s prospective NATO membership, etc.

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Biden’s influence over his corrupt DOJ, gagging Trump, is also the same influence that he projects over his foreign policy, gagging Russia. Likewise, as Biden was involved in flipping Ukraine’s government, also Biden is involved in trying to flip U.S. states from Republican to Democrat.

How do you think Putin views the gagging of Russia? Well, he told us. The Hill reported Putin stated, “This constant escalation can lead to serious consequences. … [speaking of Western countries] It is hard to say – do they want a global conflict?”

Putin’s recent June Far East tour included visiting North Korea and Vietnam. What do you suppose they talked about? Russia has already told us. TASS reported the Russian Security Council deputy chairman stated Russia can supply weapons to any U.S. enemy, the same way Washington does with Ukraine: “Now let the U.S. and its allies feel the direct impact of the use of Russian weapons by third parties. …If the U.S. is their enemy, then they are our friends.”

June 18-19 in Pyongyang, North Korea, according to TASS, Putin stated, “No matter how hard they tried [the West], all their attempts to contain or isolate Russia have failed.” The news agency reported

Putin expressed to Kim Jong-un, “Russia has incessantly supported and will support the DPRK (The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) [North Korea] and the heroic [North] Korean people in their struggle against the treacherous, dangerous and aggressive enemy, [implying, the U.S. and Western countries] in their fight for independence, identity and right to freely choose their development path.” TASS reported Putin “noted that Washington keeps setting obviously unacceptable requirements, while North Korea has repeatedly expressed its intention to resolve all the existing differences by peaceful means.”

Concerning North Korea, Putin stated, “… we will develop alternative trade and mutual settlements mechanisms not controlled by the West, jointly oppose illegitimate unilateral restrictions, and shape the architecture of equal and indivisible security in Eurasia …include[-ing] various areas of the economy, energy, transport, agriculture, interregional relations, security issues, issues of cooperation in the international arena and so on.”

Concerning Putin’s trip to Vietnam, TASS reported that Hanoi is still dependent on Beijing and Washington, so “the U.S. is trying to convince Vietnam to reject Russian arms.” In the 1970-1980s, “the Soviet Union was Vietnam’s main trade partner,” but while the U.S. is currently dominant in trade, trade with Russia grew 8% in a year, according to TASS. Russia promises to help Vietnam “in developing pharmaceuticals, green energy, agriculture, infrastructure, and the smart city concept” following Hanoi’s policy for attracting foreign investments.

During Putin’s Far East tour, the Russian Pacific fleet is deploying 40 ships for a “first time” bilateral exercise June 18-28 in the Pacific Ocean, the seas of Japan and Okhotsk, which is an obvious show of military might.

May 17, prior to the Far East tour, Putin visited “Little Moscow“, the city of Habin, in northeastern China. OpsLens reported Putin’s intention was to “cement his relationship with Chinese leader Xi Jinping.” Putin attended a “‘gala’ marking 75 years of diplomatic ties between the countries and … attend[-ed] trade and cooperation forums in the city.”

The Epoch Times reported China refused to attend the “Ukrainian peace summit” that shut out Russia. Despite Zelensky’s numerous attempts to meet with Chinese officials, including Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping, he has been unsuccessful. While Zelensky claimed China is not selling arms to Russia, Biden stated, “… [China] is providing the ability to produce those weapons and the technology available to do it. So, it is, in fact, helping Russia.” This is like China selling the ingredients of fentanyl to Mexico, but not fentanyl itself.

The real question is, do you really think Biden is capable of handling multiple “Cuban missile crises” at the same time? The real danger is that if the wrong people obtain nuclear arms, someone might be crazy enough to use them.

With the New York Time reporting of Biden’s yelling about “Armageddon” and Biden’s continual escalation of the war in Ukraine, it looks like crazy people are already using weapons. According to the BBC, Biden even “bypass[-ed] U.S. law prohibiting the production, use or transfer of cluster munitions with a failure rate of more than 1%,” by sending these munitions to Ukraine. U.S. cluster bombs have a failure rate of 2.5%. Russia retaliated, sending their cluster bombs, which have a failure rate of 20-30%. Russian and Ukrainian forces will be spreading ordnance waiting to detonate all over the country. With 123 countries signing the Convention on Cluster Bombs, which prohibits their production and use, signatures of the U.S., Ukraine and Russia are missing.

According to The Telegraph, Biden’s administration stated it plans to deploy more strategic nuclear weapons in response to “the growing threat from Russia and China.” Where does this look like Biden is leading the world?

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