Biden’s crazy talk on Ukraine – which media ignore

By Mike Pottage

It is amazing to watch and listen to White House staff engage the American public in child-like fashion. Any reporter who observes the president in public and accurately reports the event is now engaged in “destroying democracy” and spreading “misinformation” or “disinformation.”

Essentially, the White House nerds tell us Joe Biden is above reproach. It’s the old lying eyes syndrome. If Joe Biden collapsed and died on stage, the White House staff would try to sell the idea he was just “taking a nap.”

The White House child corps apparently understands nothing about trust and what the lack of trust will do to a politician, to a political party or to a nation.

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At the G7 event just concluded, the media focused upon Biden’s obvious health crisis and ignored his catastrophic foreign policy.

Biden announced he had signed a 10-year war agreement with Ukraine and agreed to NATO membership for that nation – a scenario that spurred Russian action against Ukraine two years ago.

The American public is not sold on the Ukraine war, and at no time was a 10-year battle plan discussed in public. The American people and the Congress had nothing to do with the adoption of any of this. Worse, Biden has concocted a policy that leaves Russia with no honorable option.

Then, a few days later, two flagships of the Russian navy arrive in Cuban waters. Again, the press paid attention for one news cycle, buying the White House line it was no big deal, and never made the obvious connection between Vladimir Putin’s red line in Ukraine, which we already have crossed, and the arrival of the Russia navy 90 miles from our shores.

Given the fact our munitions are killing lots of Russian soldiers and Biden is expanding the range of the missiles and adding our best fighter aircraft to the mix, it is obvious his intent is to extend the war in Ukraine onto Russian soil and force Russia to submit. Not likely.

An objective third party might conclude Putin has shown remarkable restraint considered the “behind the barn … teach them a lesson” diplomacy of this bully American president. Then, Putin can see what Americans can see. Biden will not be around much longer. So Putin may be factoring into his response the fact that he can wait a few months to see if there is a change in American leadership.

If nothing changes, he may unleash Russian military power and unilaterally decide the fate of Ukraine, despite the 10-year commitment of Joe Biden.

Why is this not obvious to the ideologues within the State Department and Defense Department. Have American diplomats and generals no instinct for survival?

Will Americans endorse war in Ukraine with a second Biden term, one he cannot possibly survive? From a Democratic Party standpoint, if they can drag Biden across the finish line, their choice as vice president will have at least three years to fashion a political persona for the 2028 election cycle.

The Democratic Party has descended into dangerous nonsense. Russia is a reality.

Team Biden is asking Americans to believe in a fictional reality that literally puts their lives in jeopardy. A vital part of that utopian vision is to silence discussion. That is why the G7 performance by Biden, the 10-year aid pact with Ukraine and NATO membership promised, was a one-day story. That’s why the Russian navy in Cuba was described as “routine.”

In reality, Joe Biden has no friends. The closest thing he has to a friend is a manipulator such as Barack Obama. He also has no international friends. The world does not trust Joe Biden, and so it does not trust America.

Here we are, days before a presidential debate, facing a potentially catastrophic crisis, and the master manipulators in Washington, D.C., so far have successfully silenced any discussion or criticism of these issues. The topic of war probably will not be broached at the debate. The same media who ignored the G7 foreign policy disaster will be at the debate asking the questions … and they will have a mute button.

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