‘Bring it!’ Backup plan in Congress to arrest Garland for contempt

By Bob Unruh

Anna Paulina Luna (Facebook profile)
Anna Paulina Luna

One of the bigger fights right now in Washington is over special counsel Robert Hur’s recorded interview of Joe Biden about his “willful” decision to take and keep classified government documents from the Barack Obama administration, documents he was not allowed to have.

He was found to be keeping them in a private office, his home, even in an unsecured garage next to a sports car.

Hur’s investigation showed there was evidence for that, that Biden probably violated federal law. But he recommended against charges because of Biden’s “diminished” capacity, after he couldn’t remember when he was vice president, during interviews.

Later a transcript of the Hur interview with Biden was released, but the Republican majority in the House has demanded access to the audio tapes, explaining they can reveal a lot more than just the printed word. They are investigating Biden for possible impeachment and say that his verbal and mental flubs and blunders could provide evidence.

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Attorney General Merrick Garland refused, and even suggested Biden claim “executive privilege” to keep the tapes secret.

Now the fight is about to get brutal, with GOP plans as early as Wednesday to find Garland in contempt of Congress, a vote that could result in jail time for Garland.

And one representative even has a backup plan to arrest Garland, should his own Department of Justice refuse to comply with congressional orders.

It is Fox News that reports U.S. Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, R-Fla., is proposing an additional vote, one that would find Garland in “inherent contempt” in addition to “criminal contempt.”

U.S. Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, R-Fla. (Video screenshot)
U.S. Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, R-Fla.

“As of right now, we fully intend to bring it,” Luna explained in the report. “I don’t really have much faith in the Department of Justice. And I don’t think the American people do either. But we are trying to bring back a level playing field and show that, you know, there should be accountability all the way up to the top.”

She said, “If the DOJ won’t do their jobs, we’re going to do it for them.”

Fox defined: “Inherent contempt differs from the contempt resolution expected to come up for a vote Wednesday afternoon. Whereas the latter would refer Garland to his own department for criminal charges, inherent contempt, if passed, would direct the House sergeant at arms to arrest Garland himself.”

Luna explained she was in the process of providing information to her colleagues about the process, and the need.

“I think that when you explain to people what inherent contempt of Congress is and when they see that subpoenas are being ignored, and that there seems to be a two-tiered justice system – which we’re seeing nationally, every single person…is realizing that – I think that they will understand,” she explained.

And she might hurry the process along if she lists her plan as “privileged,” as that would require action within two legislative days.

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