You can bet on it! Gamblers jump bigly into Trump-Biden debate

By Bob Unruh

(Photo by Blogging Guide on Unsplash)

The betting public already has delivered a verdict on Thursday night’s debate between Republican Donald Trump, who served in the White House from 2017 to 2021 and is trying to return, and Democrat Joe Biden, who wants to keep his residency at the White House until 2025, when he would be 86 years old.

Trump will win the debate, and Biden will commit more than 2.5 “gaffes” or “mixups.”

Biden, of course, has a legacy of verbal stumbles and mistakes going back decades. He once told a paralyzed supporter to “stand up” so that the crowd could see.

His fumbles even have been categorized in a book, called “Biden Time.”

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The odds for various bets available about the debate were reported by Newsweek.

An international oddsmaker there said there are some four dozen issues on which bets are being made.

“The Panama-headquartered oddsmaker BetOnline showed as of Monday afternoon that Biden’s ‘mix-ups’ are currently projected at over/under 2.5,” the report said.

There’s not enough expectation that Trump would commit such blunders for there even to be a bet there.

A spokesman for BetOnline did, however, confirm that there is more money being bet on the debate than on Game 7 of the Stanley Cup, Game 3 of the College World Series, or the NBA draft.

He noted, “And here’s the real kicker: For the election itself there will be more money wagered on it than this year’s Super Bowl.”

Bets are being taken on who will win (Trump 60% probability), whether and when the candidates will shake hands, viewership, and the first one to interrupt a moderator (Trump at 71.4%).

Bettors also are saying Trump will be trending highest on Twitter.

The debate is being moderated by Dana Bash, whose husband signed onto the false claim during the 2020 election that the scandals about Biden detailed in a laptop computer abandoned by Hunter Biden were Russian disinformation, and Jake Tapper, who has a long and extensive history of attacking President Trump.

Observers have commented that the debate is not expected to be fair to Trump, based on the moderators and CNN’s leftist ideology.

One said, “It’s going to be a 3-on-1 fight with Crooked Joe … and Dana Bash and Jake Tapper.”

CNN claimed Bash and Tapper have “extensive experience moderating major political debates.”

Sixty-one percent of those who voted for Biden in 2020 say he now is “just too old” as he’s 81 now, and would be 86 before a second term would conclude.

Biden also was excused from criminal charges for having government documents in his possession because of his “diminished” abilities, according to a report from a federal special counsel.

Newsweek also reported that the betting public is expecting Biden to get more “popular votes” in November, but Donald Trump to win the White House.

BetUS told Newsweek that based on the action at its site, it is giving Trump a 63.64 percent chance of winning the 270 or more Electoral College votes needed to become the next president. It’s also giving Biden a 73.33 percent chance of winning the popular vote,” the report said.

The report said bettors at Polymarket also are predicting a Trump presidential victory.

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