Christian Gold Company CEO: “It Makes a Difference WHO You Work With”

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A combination of strong trends in precious metals prices and growing anxiety over the nation’s economic future has driven many Americans to invest in physical precious metals. Central banks are quietly buying as much as possible to protect their vast assets so why shouldn’t average Americans do the same with their wealth and retirement?

The surge in interest has sparked precious metals companies both new and old to scramble for a piece of the pie. But as Jonathan Rose, CEO of Genesis Gold Group, recently noted during an interview, buying gold and silver is not like buying other commodities.

“The prices being charged for precious metals, especially for self-directed IRAs, can range from reasonable all the way to absolutely bonkers,” he said. “It’s very sad whenever I see the details of deals Americans were pressured into making because I know they were ripped off by predatory gold companies.”

In the world of numismatic precious metals investments, there are many companies that charge triple-digit margin percentages to drive insane profits. The gap between wholesale and retail can be so great that “unburying” clients of “Big Gold” companies can be nearly impossible.

Genesis Gold Group is a faith-driven precious metals company. As such, they operate transparently and with integrity when they help Americans roll over or transfer their retirement accounts into a Genesis Gold IRA.

“There are certain signs I tell people to watch for if they’re engaging with any precious metals company,” Rose said. “The biggest alarm bell is when companies offer ‘free’ silver in exchange for their purchases. ‘Free’ silver offers are a sure sign the company is dramatically overcharging for their metals.”

Another differentiator with Genesis Gold Group versus other companies is in the metals mix. Companies tend to stuff the bars and coins with the highest profit margins into their gold IRAs.

Genesis Gold Group works very closely with their clients to put together the best metals mix for their individual situations. That often means a combination of bullion, numismatics, and utility metals that allows their clients the flexibility they’ll need in the future.

“We spend a ton of effort making sure our clients have all the information they need to make an informed decision,” Rose said. “An educated client is the best client which is why we take time to fill any knowledge gaps before the relationship begins.”

The company offers a free, definitive gold guide that walks potential clients through the unique process Genesis Gold Group has crafted over the years.

Arguably the most important attribute that differentiates Genesis Gold Group from “Big Gold” companies is the speed in which their clients can receive their physical metals through distributions or account changes. It can take weeks or even months for the vast majority of precious metals companies to move metals from IRA depositories to their clients.

“We are very proud that we can get metals in the hands of our customers in just a few days when they close their accounts or take distributions,” Rose said. “That’s particularly appealing to our clients considering the state of affairs in America.

“If and when turmoil hits, we want those who have trusted Genesis Gold Group to take possession of their metals quickly when they need it most.”

Reach out to Genesis Gold Group today to receive the Definitive Gold Guide and learn more about the safe haven of physical precious metals.

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