Christian rickshaw driver could face life in prison after inadvertently stepping on pages of Quran

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(CHRISTIAN POST) – A Catholic has been jailed under blasphemy charges since April 27 in Lahore, Pakistan, for inadvertently stepping out of his rickshaw onto some papers said to be pages of the Quran, sources said.

Dennis Albert, a 35-year-old rickshaw driver, was booked under one section of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws that carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison (Section 295-A, hurting religious sentiments), and another that mandates life in prison (Section 295-B, defiling the Quran).

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Shadman Police in Lahore arrested him on the complaint of Mubeen Ilyas, a Muslim passerby who alleged he saw Albert standing on some pages barefoot near a rickshaw, and that, after closely looking at them, he found that they were Islamic scriptures.

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